Lovecraftian Mythology and the Old Ones

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Lovecraftian Mythology and the Old Ones

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It's Lovecraft's birthday today so I thought I'd start a thread about his unique mythology and his alien gods called Old Ones.
I'm a huge fan of Lovecraft's works and the vast universe and cosmology he created. To me personally the "pantheon" he came up with is much more appealing than most of the traditional sets of deities. It's a fusion of horror, insanity, ancient riddles and secrets - something quite similar to Goetic beings in a sense that the Old Ones seem to be complementary with our darkest bits of subconscious psyche.

List of Great Old Ones

I feel the most connected to Yog Sothoth as I encountered It once in the past, during my solitary ritual in the forest, in the middle of the new moon night. It was probably one of the most non-human experiences I've ever had. I don't think it's even possible to describe it with our human language.

There are actually existing cults of people wirshipping lovecraftian deities though it's not commonly known how they worship them.

Anyone here is a fan of Lovecraft's Old Ones and maybe working with them in a way?

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Re: Lovecraftian Mythology and the Old Ones

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A fan of Lovecraft and his creations, absolutely. Can't say I work with them in any context beyond the traditional binge-reading of his collected works. :D

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