Cate Tiernan

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Cate Tiernan

Post by BabyBear »

I readed all of Cate Tiernan's books and was wondering if anyone else had, and if so what are your thoughts on her spells and chants.

Some of them have stuck with me to the point that I copied them into my note book of notes and ideals for my BoS.

I reach out through the darkness
To touch the ones I need
I send my spirit with messages
It finds their spirits where they reside
We are connected by time
We are connected by fate
We are connected by life
We are connected by death

~page 13 of Cate Tiernan's A Chalice of Wind
in this one they even name some protective stones to use and stuff when setting up this one:
We walk in sunlight
shadows follow us
we are facing fire
we are standing beneath stone
we are underwater
a storm is coming toward us.
With these words reveal the signature
give the Shadow a face, a name.
Show us who kindles fire against us
who holds a stone over us
who pulls us under water
who conjures a storm to destroy us

~page 41 cate Tiernan's A Circle of Ashes
although these are fiction young adult books i have to say that the spells are very well versed and make a lot of since to use in real life has anyone ever thought about doing this or say use them as a base to make your own
for example

the banish spell in A Chalice of Wind on page 217 gose
Force of darkness, leave use be
Your power's gone, your secrets found-
my twin given strength to me
three times this curs on you rebound
I thought it would be cool to change it up to this:
Forces of darkness, leave me be,
your power's gone, your secrets found-
my goddess gives strength to me
three times this curse on you rebound.

I dont know what i would use it on cus ive not had a call to banish anything before well besides some very not so good spirits but that hasnt happened in a few years lol

Thoughts on using fictional books spells to make a real one or just plain using them as they are?

oh and this is a list of her books

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Re: Cate Tiernan

Post by Xiao Rong »

Thoughts on using fictional books spells to make a real one or just plain using them as they are?
As you know, I am a huge fan of using fictional spells; some authors just write things that are so powerful and symbolic that you just can't get them out of your head, as Cate Tiernan's books clearly are for you! I like the incantations a lot; they are beautiful and roll off the tongue easily.
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