Sailor Moon Magic

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Sailor Moon Magic

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So this is a thread about working magic with the use of Sailor Moon.

It has been a while since I actively used this practice myself, but I do have strong fond memories. It was a powerful tool for me in relating to the planets, reincarnation, and magic in general. One of the reasons I had put this practice so far behind me was that I felt those days were very fluffy (as in basically willfully ignorant taking what I read as word) and not really worth thinking about. Now I realize that even if my concepts were loose and a lot of buzzwords, there was some powerful spiritual experience that occurred which I should have never let leave me.

The main way I worked with the archetypes and energetic forces found within the Sailor Moon cannon was working with Usagi/Serena/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity/Neo-Queen Serenity. For me this was the image of the Moon Goddess. When you add in the image of Queen Serenity (Sailor Moon's original mother) to the mix you get a feel for the soft feminine power that I associated with and still do associate with the Moon Goddess.

Neo Queen Serenity:


Queen Serenity:


I primarily used the image of Crystal Tokyo:

Image as an idea as to what the world the Moon Goddess live in would be like.

I used those images when I called the Goddess into the circle and they answered.

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