Lord of the Rings

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Lord of the Rings

Post by Merboy »

I'm not especially sure how to word this or present this, but... well if you know what I'm talking about then you know exactly what I'm talking about (and I assume this community knows *exactly* what I'm talking about).

I, along with many other people, was deeply moved by the works of Tolkien and when the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out in theaters there was an even bigger surge in its popularity. Personally, and this is an entirely different subject altogether, I feel like there was indeed another world much like Middle-Earth/Valinor where people of *this* world had previous lives. That's just a personal belief of mine.

But my question is, what do you guys think of praying to entities/gods/goddesses of Middle-Earth? In my faith I often call up the Ainur and the Maiar for specific reasons and various matters. I was just wondering if other people do the same thing or something similar and what people's opinions are on this? I could understand how some would be opposed to it while others support it.

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Re: Lord of the Rings

Post by Vervain »

I call on the power of "fictional characters" all the time. It seems pretty typical in eclectic practices.
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Re: Lord of the Rings

Post by autumn swan »

Merboy wrote: I feel like there was indeed another world much like Middle-Earth/Valinor where people of *this* world had previous lives.
It might be that you feel that way because Tolkien used pretty much the whole norse mythology as a source for his creative genius writing. The tree of live, the gods, the names of the dwarves, the wandering sourcerer... you name it. :lol:

For your second part, personally I don't pray to fictional gods, I just have a hard time wrapping my head around it. I do, however, sometimes work with fictional characters as a guide or teacher for a specific lesson, like thought-form-magic.
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Re: Lord of the Rings

Post by planewalker »

Intent counts for quit a bit. I've also heard it asked - "Did the god believe in the people first or did the people believe in the god." You historically see one pantheon or even set of ideas ( sorry scientist but a lot of your surety today will be nonsense tomorrow) replace another. Where does all the energy of belief go. It can't be destroyed. E=MC2

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Re: Lord of the Rings

Post by CaliCrow »

I would worship the Maiar but I'm fictionkin of Arien, the woman who piloted the Sun... D:. I greatly admire the Valar, however. I gave considered incorporating Varda, Nienna, and maybe Yavanna into my work. Ive always been fascinated by Nienna, so definetly her! :D
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