Fable Witch: Is there anyone out there like me?

Open discussion about how our beliefs have been affected by popular culture.
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Re: Fable Witch: Is there anyone out there like me?

Post by Xiao Rong »

Oh, absolutely ... I would consider myself one of those people who draw a lot of magical inspiration from fictional and modern day stories, (but that's because I place very little importance on history as a means of legitimization). There was a big kerfuffle in the Pagan blogosphere recently over the subject of "Pop Culture Pagans" (with many objecting to the idea that one could "worship" anything other than deities) ... Here's a link to a roundup of articles on this subject:

http://allergicpagan.wordpress.com/2013 ... -schiller/

We also had a thread on this forum on the subject:
http://everythingunderthemoon.net/forum ... %20culture

Whaddya think? I'd love to hear your thoughts too!
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Re: Fable Witch: Is there anyone out there like me?

Post by SnowCat »

Me three. I consider myself more of a dimensionalist though. Dean Koontz.adresses this idea in "The Corner of His Eye."

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Re: Fable Witch: Is there anyone out there like me?

Post by abdul »

Sometimes stories and tales can be very good inspirational but that is before you experience really magic happening but once you do watch that, you begin to know that some stories are true.

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Re: Fable Witch: Is there anyone out there like me?

Post by scaravich »

I take a lot of inspiration from stories... I see fiction and creativity as an expression of the divine from within people. So even if they are just 'made up' they still came from the divine... I mean, essentially, I think all mythos to any religion were "made up" by people... but it's not like those ideas came out of nowhere. The creative process is our working with the divine to tell their stories.

I even use modern fiction in some of my inspiration. I actually get a lot of spiritual guidance from Pokemon games. I know it sounds silly to a lot of people, but there is actually a lot of spiritual messages hidden within the games, and it resonates with me a lot. I've seen certain concepts and characters from the games as facets of the divine.

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Re: Fable Witch: Is there anyone out there like me?

Post by North Star »

Definetely... I get a lot of inspiration from the legends of Gods and Goddesses, their stories are fascinating to me as well as their individual personalities. I have some that have a huge impact on my life and my magick...

Scaravich, Pokemon for inspiration... I love that! My kids are HUGE Pokemon fans (the older ones, 20 and 18) have been since they were little. I have bought every single Pokemon game I think that exists (my 2 younger kids are now showing interest too).

I liked reading what you said, I see a lot of creativity in both those kids... as a mom we worry sometimes about video games, but that put a positive light on something for me... thank you for sharing that!

There truly is, magick everywhere... ;)

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Re: Fable Witch: Is there anyone out there like me?

Post by YanaKhan »

I think I belong here too. Still, I work slightly different. I don't usually pick from stories, but I tend to combine religions and work with deities from different systems depending on what I need. I like working with Roman and Greek gods and goddesses, also Slavic deities and gods, sometimes even Tengri, even though they can be tricky. I have worked with Hindu beings and angels too. It works for me. Haven't used books or stories as inspiration yet, perhaps it doesn't appeal to me this much. But I'm definitely in your team.
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Re: Fable Witch: Is there anyone out there like me?

Post by RoseRed92 »

Yes! The Divine lives in us, and therefore shines through our stories. I believe this is true of classical gods and goddesses, as well. Stories are windows into our own souls. XD

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