Not Exactly A Loved One

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Not Exactly A Loved One

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My dad left before I was born. Both he and my mom were pretty young when I was conceived, and she mostly understood that he wasn't quite ready for a child. Like most kids, I was basically an accident. She never showed me pictures of him, for fear that I would ask about him. When I was 8 (my mom and I had moved to Canada when I was 5), my dad was found dead in our native country, Ukraine. He had been drinking and driving and got into a car accident with an 18-wheeler. That's when my mom decided to tell me more about him, and to show me a picture of him.

I had absolutely no feelings. I couldn't feel sad or cry, I wasn't even angry or happy that he'd died. I was completely apathetic. The only thing I noted about his picture was that he looked so young. Even today, I can't make myself cry about it. I feel guilty for not being sad, for not caring, but I just can't.

I don't look at his picture anymore either.
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Re: Not Exactly A Loved One

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