Avatars of sports teams, images or posters.

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Avatars of sports teams, images or posters.

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As you can tell, my avatar is of a sports team, a local to South Africa sports team, yes? This is a reflection of them, and, you may be a reflection of your team too!

Basically, the images of patterns in the air are recognized by faeries to mean something, they recognize them somehow. This is how they recognize the questions asked, they feel the energy signals of the whole person, mixing with the energies of the figments of the 'query.' This query is a question or event based on the relays from that point, to the points around it, like a massive delta or river system that leads to the conclusion of the sea from the point of the question with is the hills or mountains, yes? This is logical mind you...

~ Then, these energies are recognized as the question or query, and the answer is delivered.

But, I digress. These energies are densities of images and sounds, and, other energy types of the universe. This means that we need to observe that when we have an avatar of a sport's team, with content connected to it, then there is a room for support of that team byu the content's quality being reflected in the 'idol' or team.

This means that many people may take an avatar, and, support their team. This will be where the content of originality, where it stands out as a new idea, where the sparks or imagination are lit, and, the genesis of the idea comes to bear, there is activity and reflections of that idea into that team, person, idol, currency...
!! Thug Life !!

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Re: Avatars of sports teams, images or posters.

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Along the lines of Logos and symbolism, you might want to read Jean Baudrillard's Simulcra and Simulation, it is still outstanding in outlining and explaining our deep relationships with visuals and symbols, and how at times the multiplicity has created a duplication of intent and meaning. This book was also one of the key inspirations for The Matrix, which is basically about illusion and reality.

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