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Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:37 pm
by Kassandra

Don't let the "visions" you see, or "voices" you hear
be the hallucinatory byproducts of poor health

I have found the Earth realm to be a classroom of dualities,
with one energy underlying it all. I think that one of our jobs
during this Earth Walk is to manage the energy within our res-
pective jurisdictions, the best we know how, with love and
gratitude ...sounds simple enough, right?

Find Balance
...But First, Welcome to Hell!
The Crucial Role of Your Diet
Make Mental & Emotional Self-Assessments
Other Physical Assessments to Make
Menstrual Cycles
The Moon Lodge
This Website as a Source of Balance


Find Balance

Before jumping to the conclusion that you're seeing negative entities, or that some location is haunted, or that you need spells and crystals and whatnot to make you feel better, assess your habits and lifestyle first (see questions below). Eliminate factors in the physical, and make any necessary adjustments, before pursuing "solutions" in the metaphysical.

When dealing with the subtle realm, to become and remain "grounded" we have to remember to take care of our physical bodies (or "equipment," as psychic medium, John Holland, refers to it) and our minds. Most people treat their cars, computers, and other "stuff" better than they treat their own bodies/minds. It's interesting but not surprising that in America, seemingly a prosperous country, the "Breadbasket of the World," has such a a large portion of its citizenry walking around dangerously obese...and at the same time, malnourished! I've read several articles about this. How can this be? I think it reflects a lack of CONSCIOUSNESS. I see that on this board as well. People don't take good care of themselves, then hear voices, see things, etc., and want a spell or a crystal or anything else outside of themselves to "fix" whatever they perceive to be the "problem" causing their discomfort.

Listen, none of this post is about making you feel guilty: it's none of my, or anyone else's business what you do with your body and mind. But, I do hope this post draws increased awareness and CONSCIOUSNESS regarding 1. the CONNECTION between what you're experiencing, and what the condition of your mind and body are at the moment, i.e., how these two things are directly related, and 2. how YOU DO HAVE CONTROL over the quality of that connection, and should not be passive about it, but proactive about it. The only way to develop consciousness is to be AWARE, and the only way to be aware, is to ask yourself tough questions, answer them honestly, and make any necessary changes you need to make.

Don't let the "visions" you see, or "voices" you hear be the hallucinatory byproducts of poor health. Take responsibility for the health of your "equipment," including your mind. Make any needed corrections --you know what they are. FIND BALANCE. Do right by yourself first (so many people don't do right by themselves). If you still need support, THEN ask for help.


...But First, Welcome to Hell

You know, I love living here. There's a lot of great things about Western culture, about America, about California ...but America's healthcare system ain't one of 'em! I can't stress this enough: "healthcare" as we're accustomed to in Western civilization, in America especially, is based on financing insurance and pharmaceutical corporations, not on providing healthcare ...that's the last thing on their minds. It's a huge, multi-billion dollar, greed-driven business complex, whose only goal is pimping your body out to generate revenue. It wants you alive, but unhealthy enough to where you need pharmaceuticals and surgeries. They've created a toxic, living hell for our bodies and minds for the sake of their job security and guaranteed revenue.

So what can you do?...bottom line, you have to take care of yourself, yourself, whatever country you live in. In America, especially, you've got to get militant about it because you live in a toxic environment carefully designed to make and keep you sick. That's just the way it is, for now (if you feel led to change that, then get politically active, and go for it). But don't whine and get all emo about it. Just take care of yourself. :wink:

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"You see, there's no money in healthy people. And there's no money in dead people. The money
is in the middle --people who are alive, sort of.
" The American healthcare system, if you want to
call it that, provides endless fodder for comedians, clearly with good reason.

See also:
A Change is Gonna Come: Gwen Olson and Jennifer Shaw
Expose the Pharmaceutical Industry


Crucial Role of Your Diet

It's really important to assess your diet: On an average day, what's your TYPICAL MENU consist of? For example, what did you eat all day yesterday? ..the day before? Think about it.

Again, don't let what you think are "paranormal experiences" simply be a matter of lack of self care. This is another biggy, perhaps the biggest one, for maybe 95% of people visiting this board, it seems. You really are what you eat. There are people who post on this message board that I could empathically feel are totally spaced out (it makes me whoozy just reading their posts). I could "feel" they haven't eaten a good meal in weeks, maybe months, and that they've followed that up with a cocktail of toxicity (cigarettes, drugs, whatever). I think other people on here sense this too, and when they read whacky posts here, they don't even reply to them.

If you're in your teens or early twenties, your body is not done forming yet, so your metabolism is in the highest gear it will ever be in your life because it's working to make your body be what it will be. So this is the worse time ever to be depriving your body of food. It needs "fuel." Badly. If you're not eating right, and/or filling your body up with a lot of chemicals, it's like flooring the gas pedal of your car knowing there's only 1/8 tank of gas left. How long do you think that's going to work before the car starts sputtering, and eventually stopping?

Once someone PM'd me wanting a spell or some other energy work to make them "feel better," that she was mysteriously feeling worn out, even though she didn't do drugs, didn't drink and seemed to be getting adequate sleep. When I asked her what she ate all day, every day, she said something like carrot sticks and crackers (I'm not kidding!), that she was really "into raw foods." She wasn't getting any protein or carbs, none. I was surprised she didn't pass out on a regular basis. Something was definitely very wrong with that picture. I advised her to talk to a counselor about it, and forsake the metaphysics for now.

So on that note, here's something to consider: if you have emotional issues pent up inside, perhaps you may be using food in a negative way to take out your emotions, a way to feel physically "in control," though emotionally you're not. You need to talk to someone instead. Ascetic eating practices, or vegan/vegetarian diets not done correctly, etc., could be masking eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia.

So take a good look at your eating habits and be honest with yourself.

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An ancient saying is, "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." Studies
show a direct link between one's mental state and the food one chooses to eat. Is your diet help-
ing or hurting you? Are your food selections your medicine, or do they amount to self-poisoning?
Don't expect a smooth spiritual life if you're poisoning yourself; expect a bumpy one, where you
hear voices and have visions that don't make sense to anyone, etc.

See also:
Train Your Brain to Eat Healthy Foods



Make Mental and Emotional Self-Assessments

After assessing the physical, it's useful to then examine the mental/emotional aspects of your life:

How is your LOVE RELATIONSHIP if you have one, and how are your JOB and HOME ENVIRONMENTS?
Dealing with any energy vampires in the vicinity? What that means is people who consistently dump on you or otherwise enmesh you into their drama somehow, and always leave you feeling "tired" (mentally and/or physically, usually both) after you deal with them. This will affect your health as well, and by extension, will affect your spiritual path.

Have you recently underwent a MAJOR LIFE CHANGE: marriage, divorce, move, new job, death of a loved one, birth of a baby, etc. If so, be easy on yourself. It could feel like you've been hit by a truck. I've had people ask me about the "negative spirits" or "negative energy" bothering them, and when I mention the huge life change they've just experienced, they shrug it off like it's nothing, like it didn't affect them. They don't make the connection.

If you've been hit by an emotional truck lately, nurture your physical/mental self. Ease up on the spiritual practices for now. Streamline them down to the basic essentials for a while, no stress. Processing major life changes can be like experiencing the "death cycle." You may need to go through the 5 steps we usually associate with death: denial, bargaining, anger, grief, acceptance. And then you may need to do it all over again until it's fully processed in your soul. Again, Goddess is not just around and outside of you, but inside you as well. Take extra time to honor the "goddess within" during a major life change, and lay low for a while.



Make a Physical Self-Assessment

Do you consume drugs? And if so, which and how often? Do you drink alcohol, smoke? If so, how frequently? Should you get help for addiction? A good clue is considering the effect your being intoxicated has your relationships with people around you ....makes them better, or worse? Also, how well do you function the next day? Are you meeting your goals?

Again, this is not about being a bad person, it's no one else's business. But it's worth it to think about the affect these things have on your body and mind, and ultimately your spiritual experiences.

And on a typical night, how many hours do you SLEEP? What's the quality of that sleep ...peaceful, or do you leave the TV or the radio on in your room? I've read a ton of articles about sleep, but the bottom line always seems to be that science still doesn't fully understand why we need sleep so badly. We just do.

Besides walking from the car to the front door, how much EXERCISE do you typically get per week? The amount of exercise you get will affect how you feel.


The Moon Time

It's Not a Curse
Since it seems to me that the majority of people who visit this message board are female, I want to briefly address this subject. But note that if you're male, learning more about this can help you be understanding and respectful about menstrual cycles of the females around you.

There used to be honor in tribes regarding menstrual cycles. It was considered a reflection of the creative Universe, part of creation, the essence of life. But patriarchal Western culture has done a fabulous job of totally disconnecting humans from natural rhythms of the Earth, our home, and from ourselves. Divine Feminine energy, in all its forms, has been lowered and ridiculed by Western culture. When you bring up menstruation, it gets giggles, or snide remarks. "Judeo-Christian thought" has reduced it to being perceived of as "the curse." IT IS NOT A CURSE! The real curse is how women (and men) treat their bodies without respect, when our bodies should be treated like the reflection of Goddess they are.

The "Goddess" and Good Health
The Goddess is an analogy for life force itself. You're not islands; it's not all about you. You're part of a bigger pattern, the fabric of a much greater whole. If you get that, then you could understand Goddess. When females are girls, they need to learn how to honor themselves, their bodies, their minds; one day they will be women, and life will be much more difficult without that sense of self-respect. When males are boys, they need to learn how to honor themselves by honoring and respecting the women and girls around them; one day those boys will have wives and daughters of their own. Males, make yourselves useful: how can you help the females in your life feel better? Be thoughtful.

Cultures in times passed, all over the world, had the kind of diets which provided women with nutrients that eliminated the iron-loss, cramps, irritability and other symptoms now associated with menstruation. PMS didn't exist. That's because women at one point were in charge of whatever the prevailing "healthcare system" was, no matter what part of the world they lived in --they were the mothers, the grandmothers, the medicine women, the witches, the shamanesses... women were the ones who oversaw the health of the bodies/minds of the tribespeople. As a result, everyone ate healthier diets, had a voice in their well-being, didn't toxify themselves but respected themselves.

Remember to Ask Yourself This
But over time cultures subverted that way of life. Who's in charge of healthcare now? Multi-billion dollar corporations, not caring people who love you. So you've got to find balance by LOVING YOURSELF. If you're female, and you're feeling bad right now, you have to REMEMBER TO ASK YOURSELF how close your period is from today? If it's on its way, it's not unusual to feel worn down, or irritable. If it's here, or just passed, do you think you need to take iron or herbal supplements to balance blood loss and hormone shifts?

Make a habit of marking the days of your period on a calendar, so at least you'll have some idea when to expect it next. Then, prepare for it accordingly. Party less (if at all), and rest a lot more. Take some iron, and/or eat lots of dark greens and other iron-rich foods. Stay away from stressful people and places until you're feeling up to it. Honor this time. Tell them you need your space.

To learn why and how to map the menstrual cycle, click here:
Why is it Important to Map Your Menstrual Cycle?

Make the Connection!

It doesn't surprise me when I hear women say things like the following, like on day two of a period or something:

"Geez. You know, I just can't figure out why I'm feeling so run down now. I know I ate well --well, I skipped breakfast entirely, but later I did I have a hotdog, a couple bags of chips, and several sodas today, so, hmmm. It must be all this 'negative energy' around me [that parallels when Christians say, "it must be the devil bothering me" -it's always something someone else is doing], or, I know's a 'psychic attack.' Yeah, that's it. I just need a spell or something to make me feel better, or carry a crystal ....oh, and by the way, do you have a lighter I could borrow? I need a smoke."

Now, what's wrong with that picture? There's no CORRELATION in her mind between 1. her lifestyle habits, 2. her body's needs, and 3. how she's feeling. No connection. Rather, there's just looking for a "quick fix." This is the kind of person who's always "hearing voices," or constantly looking behind her shoulder, feeling every place she visits is "haunted." This is the kind of person constantly requesting "spells," or posting drama-ridden posts on this message board: "Please help me. Give me a spell, now!" Male or female, this attitude toward your body will get you sick, if not killed. Take responsibility, instead.

Garbage in, garbage out ...make the

The Moon Lodge
Here's an interesting concept:

"The Moon Lodge is where women gather during their menstrual time to be at-one with each other and the changes occurring in their bodies. Long ago, during this special time of moon cycles, women were removed from duties of family and allowed to retreat to the Moon Lodge to enjoy the company of their Sisters.

Traditionally, the Moontime is the sacred time of woman when she is honored as a Mother of the Creative Force. During this time she is allowed to release the old energy her body has carried and prepare for reconnection to the Earth Mother's fertility that she will carry in the next Moon or month. Our Ancestors understood the importance of allowing each woman to have her Sacred Space during this time of reconnection, because women were the carriers of abundance and fertility.

As Grandmother Moon is the weaver of tides ( the water or blood of our Earth Mother) so a woman's cycles follow the rhythm of that weaving. When women live together in a common space, their bodies begin to regulate their menses and all will eventually have their Moontime concurrently. This natural rhythm is one of the bonds of Sisterhood.

Women honor their sacred path when they acknowledge the intuitive knowing inherent in their receptive nature. In trusting the cycles of their bodies and allowing the feelings to emerge within them, women have been Seers and Oracles for their tribes for centuries."
[a lot longer than that, actually --Kassandra]

--From The Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams; Illustration below by Linda Childers



This Website as a Resource for Balance

This website is full of good tips about herbs, connecting to the environment, and taking up spiritual practices. There's good stuff here, community. If you are even remotely interested in Wicca, witchcraft, paganism, or spirituality in general, cultivating a sense of balance and connection is crucial. However, if you're just "in it for the spells," then you're really limiting yourself, quite frankly. You'll be treating your spirituality like a pill you pop once in while, while never understanding nor dealing with the underlying issues.

I hope some of this helps. I do have to note that if you've made some assessments, and concluded that you need help, then get professional physical or mental healthcare. No part of any advice I give is meant (by me, the owner of this website, and all related parties) to be construed as a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric treatment. I know I hate the healthcare system here, but I'm not saying don't consult a doctor if you have to, either. I am saying there are many things you could do on your end so that, hopefully, you never have to consult one. Use magic, rituals or spellwork in conjunction with mundane health care, never in lieu of it.

My prayers for good health, balance and peace are with you. Enjoy.

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Life on this planet is a balancing act. We are multi-dimensional beings, and sometimes the responsibility
that comes with being such proves quite challenging. It is a beautiful experience, nevertheless, and the
Earth is a beautiful place.

See also: Empath Resources


Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:44 pm
by NightRose
If you don't mind me adding this, in relation to question number one, another thing you can do during these times is eat iron-rich foods. This link ( ... rich-foods) is to a blood bank, and has some good recommendations as to good iron-rich foods to eat.

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:17 pm
by Kassandra
Thanks NightRose. I'll have to check that out too.

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:20 pm
by Joelle
This is really good information. I was going through a gloomy stage and did not see my actions clearly. Thank you Kassandra for asking these important questions and bringing me back to reality.

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:37 pm
by Kassandra
Glad it helped, Joelle. I decided to turn it into a sticky, since I had similar feedback as yours from a couple other people, via PM. Seems it touches a nerve, in a good way.

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:39 am
by [new_witch]
thanks for this post kassandra........

Re: Find Balance

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 8:28 am
by Starwitch
Great video, Kassandra. Thanks for sharing that. I agree wholeheartedly... the medical system is a money-making scam.

By the way, I moved all of your sticky posts into their own subfolder called Spiritual Basics (hopefully I'll think of a better name for it. Let me know if you have a name in mind.)

I also organized the entire Spirituality category, putting the forums with the highest amount of threads at the top since I guess those are the ones most posted in (or they are simply the oldest ones with the most threads.) Unfortunately that wound up putting your forum at the bottom. It should actually be second to bottom, but I figured it would get more visibility if it wasn't sandwiched between two other forums. It could be moved to a different category if you preferred, but I'm not sure if there are any that would be more appropriate than this one.

I appreciate that you still visit EUTM and stay up to date with new posts and replies. You've stuck with this longer than any other moderator I've had here. I really hope things are going well for you with your business and website. I may contact you to do some writing for me if you're interested. Your writing style is similar to my own, but much more polished, which would be perfect for my website and newsletter.

Feel free to delete or edit this post after you read it. I probably should have just PM'd you.

Re: Find Balance

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:32 pm
by Kassandra
Thanks Starwitch. Housecleaning is good, and I like what you've done with the board the last few months! Looks nice, and probably much more user-friendly now for everybody, too.

And thanks for the well-wishes gets a little challenging with family and whatnot, but it's all good. I don't know think that I'll be able to do any additional writing --I'm already about 15 blog articles behind. I have stacks of chicken-scratched notes that I need to transcribe. Between that and email readings, I have had about all I can handle.

But if you want to repost any of my blog articles, feel free (although lately a lot of them have been reposts of other authors, lol).

Hope you're doing well! :)

Re: Find Balance

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:18 pm
by Starwitch
Thanks Kassandra, I may do that (use some of your posts). That's terrific that you're staying busy and people have been re-posting your articles. :) It's hard to stay caught up on anything when you're in the web site/writing business. I don't think I've actually been caught up since 2002, lol.