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The Greek Goddess Hestia

Along with Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy, and Artemis, the goddess of hunt, Hestia was one of the three virgin goddesses and one of the twelve Olympian deities. She was the goddess of the hearth, architecture, domesticity, family, home, and the state.

Daughter to the Titans Kronos and Rhea, she is the eldest sister of important deities like Hades, Hera and Zeus, the last one whom to she made the promise to always remain a pure virgin. Because of this oath, Hestia rejected marriage proposals from Poseidon and Apollo, since it was now determined she was to always be untouched by men.

https://greekmythologytours.com/hestia- ... 20deities.
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Re: Hestia

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Hestia has been a favorite of mine since I began this crazily zig-zagging path.

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