The Demiurge

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The Demiurge

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In Platonic philosophy there is a figure called 'The Demiurge'. It is considered to be the Artisan of the universe, something, or someone that crafted the universes material existence, or if not the universe then at least part of our worlds existence.

I am merely curious if anyone here has every encountered or heard of this figure before?
The only reason I am aware of this 'deity' (in quotations because im not entirely sure what it is) is because of a Platonic and Ancient Religion philosophy class I took where the professor specialised in abstract aspects of religions and groups.

If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: The Demiurge

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There has been much written about the Demiurge in occult literature by a wide variety of authors (i.e. Stephen Flowers, Albert Pike, George Steinmetz, Robert Mason, Scott Mandelker, Roger Beck, ...). The list is rather long.
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Re: The Demiurge

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From a pagan perspective and using a psychological analogue (not the common modern usage) , the demiurge would be equivilent to God the EGO - the great IAM - The petty god who demands worship - the ego that the thinks he rules - only a conscious figment, fiction or shadow of the true radiance of the whole truly divine creatrix behind him; the universe made manifest.

I consider purely from a conceptual standpoint
about Christian context (christanity not being my creed) how the gnostic archetect or false God touches on another christian analogue, their 'Lord of this world' or Satan.

That would indeed be the greatest trick the Christian devil ever pulled.

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