Deity reading, help!?

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Deity reading, help!?

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Hello everyone!
The other day I did a reading for myself because I felt like a deity has reaching out to me (for a while honestly) and that I was just being blind to it. So I did the reading and the structure of the reading is:
Card 1: The Deity
Card 2: A trait ( usually negative )
Card 3: A trait ( usually positive )
Card 4: What they rule over
Card 5: Something associated with them.

What I pulled were as follows: The Moon, Ace of Cups (Inverted), Knight of Pentacles (Inverted), Five of Wands and the Eight of Wands.
I sat down and did some research and looked up deities that are associated with the Tarot card the Moon, and the ones that popped up were Selene, Artemis, and Hecate. However as soon as I pulled The Moon I immediately thought "Oh shit, it's Nyx."

I decided to meditate last night on the reading because when I was younger I had read The House Of Night books and I don't want to assume that Nyx actually is calling me when I had idolized the version of her in the books. I fell asleep shortly afterward and in my dream I remember seeing purple lilies and purple hyacinth. As well as myself sprawling on a piece of paper "The Magician". I slept really poorly last night so that was all I remembered when I woke up. I did look up the Magician card when I woke up this morning and it points to Hermes, but I am unable to link the flowers to anyone, especially any four of the goddesses that are linked to that card. The only thing that I can think of is that maybe me writing "the Magician" was Hermes delivering a message? But then again I am really uncertain and I think this whole dream has made it even more confusing to me.

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Re: Deity reading, help!?

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I did a search...

Meaning & Symbolism of Hyacinth. ... Apollo named the flower that grew from Hyakinthos's blood hyacinth. Symbolizing sport or play in the language of flowers, hyacinth represent constancy, while blue hyacinth expresses sincerity. Purple represents sorrow and forgiveness.

Lillies represent devotion and constancy and are also a funereal flower.

Artemis was Apollo’s twin sister. She was goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, animals and the moon. Her special powers included perfect aim with the bow and arrow, the ability to turn herself and others into animals, healing disease, and control of nature. The name Artemis, when translated, means “high source of water.” It also symbolizes the Moon, and it gave Artemis the power to control all the oceans, seas and tides.

Dunno if that helps or not.

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