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What offerings can be given to the goddess Nemesis. I don't see anything specific about her anywhere. It's like she's been scrubbed from text. Or I'm not good at research. Thanks!

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Re: Nemesis?

Post by Yellow diamond light »

Do you feel you have upset the god's?
Or are you offering for her guidance?
You could try building a small temporary altar to her with 1 or 2 different blades and a set of weighing scales.
Or you could simply make her name in goose feathers tied together with string and hang in your home or garden somewhere. I feel something like the latter is always better received because it shows you have gone to the trouble of designing something original rather than simply burning incense

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Re: Nemesis?

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I searched "goddess Nemesis" &'found
and just for starts. See if they give you the info you seek.

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Re: Nemesis?

Post by Lord_of_Nightmares »

She may have not been worshiped per se but was rather in the background of other gods. Such as Nike is with Athena and Nyx the night goddess with Artemis of the moon. They didn't neccesarily have cults themselves but worshiped along with related gods.

You may have to wing it for this.
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Re: Nemesis?

Post by barker »

I get the impression that Nemesis is far to wicked to be public property, and should suggest that you contact her directly for permanent assistance, sincere.

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