How did you choose your Pantheon?

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How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by Erydiel »

Hello everyone!
Got another question to ask ya haha :)

I'm wondering, when choosing which deity to work with(actually what does it mean to work with a deity? Does it mean worshipping them separately from the God and Goddess?), how did you choose which pantheon to choose from?
Also, how did you choose which god and goddess within that pantheon?

Since before Wicca, I've always felt this strong bond, or being drawn to, Ancient Egypt. A little bit more than normal circumstances, but all this time I just thought that I just really liked Ancient Egypt. But, after turning to Wicca, I think things are a little different now. Maybe there's an actual reason why I feel drawn to Ancient Egypt, and not just cuz I like learning about it.

Any help is very appreciative.

Blessed Be,

May the light always guide you on a dreary day.

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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by Heartsong »

I think everyone has a different experience. Some choose and some feel that they were chosen. For me, it was the latter. I had a bare bones knowledge about the Norse pantheon before Odin came into my life. If you feel drawn to Egypt, though, then it's very possible that you're being called. It's a good place to start if you'd like to look into working with deities, where ever your interests lie. Meditating, which is how I was called, could also be a good step for you to take as well.

And no, working with a particular deity doesn't necessarily mean that you worship that deity separate from the God and Goddess. There are different ideas, but basically, some Pagans think that the different world pantheons simply represent different facets of the Wicaan God and Goddess, while others feel that each deity has their own distinct personality and divine power. It depends on who you ask. :)
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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by BabyBear »

Im a big believer that you can choose a pantheon but ultimately the right one chooses you without you even knowing it

for me it was focusing on one pantheon and ending up with another

i started with Norse because i was avoiding ones that i already know about growing up ie Greek/Roman, i didn't wont to limit myself to just those and not give others a fair shot was my logic, and i already knew that I loving aspects of the Norse mythology like Thor and Loki and ended up practicing with Freya even though she didnt fit all the aspects of the Goddess ik i had been working with in my dreams for years. In the end thought i ended up back with what i loved since childhood the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Turned out what i had been looking for and the goddess and god i felt the most connected were Artemis and Poseidon.

and just like Heartsong said if you feel dawned to Egypt then i believe you should start there, maybe you were there in a past life or maybe your like me, someone drawn to it because its meant for you

as for choosing my god and goddess it comes down to who do you feel connected to. what in your life has been a constant that you see matching up with the god or goddess. Write a list of things that stick out to you, like you remember as being lucky or significance to you. I believe that your god and goddess give you trites that they have as a gift to you at birth when they choose you kinda like the muses give to them.So by making this list your actually naming things that your god and goddess might have and you can start from there.

For Example

I grow up with a dog/husky/wolf for an imaginary friend, but the thing was no one ik had an animal for an imaginary friend they had big brothers and sisters but i have always been attached to wolves/huskies.

Growing up we always had pets and there always seemed to be pets connected to me and my sisters, we've had everything from farm animals to a shark.

I enjoy archery, my dad got a 150 lbs compact bow when i was in 6th grade something he had could barley use yet by week one i was able to use and master it, i would then spend a whole summer just playing with my sisters me shooting arrows across our 6 acres of land and let them try to find them (we only had two arrows lol)

The first time i ever went fishing i caught a fish as big as my lap from knee to knee if i set cross legged, i was in elementary school but it was big enough that it barley fit into the 5 gallon bucket we keep him in to go show my grama and uncle. the thing is we were really just fishing in a creek/ditch off of these old dirt roads and my uncle who took me didnt even think we would catch anything

The first time i shot a gun i hit the target almost dead center

I can throw knives

I have always been a night person even if i try to be a day person, but im odd when it comes to it because i always stay up till right after or as the dawn is finishing yet i can be woken up and be able to just pop out of bed

I have always been fascinated with the stars and even begged to go to space camp for 4 years strait

Same happened with martial arts only i actually managed to take a year of Brazilian jujitsu and a year of private martial arts classes of various martial art styles mixed together via my ex during 11 and 12th year of high school all of them which i picked up fast (not unusually fast like the bow or anything but fast none the less)

Im very antisocial and bookie but i also enjoy my friends i do have

I tend to take night time strolls and did so daily for a years when i lived in my small home town

Now there are many more small bits that play into this and way more over all themes that match up but anyway, apart these just sound like stupid tidbits of my life and sound like a normal southern girl but when you look at them together you see that they match up with aspects of Artemis.
My love of night and animals, my hunting and survival skills that just seem to come naturally, my being okay with being isolated yet also okay with having people around.

Same can happen when i look at themes about myself and find aspects of Poseidon, the fact that i feel most calm when im in a pool floating on my back and just enjoying the sun and the water and always better in a saltwater pool then a normal pool, that whenever i feel sick of any kind i can take a bath and just relax into the water and the whole time im in there i don't feel sick anymore, that the first thing i did a drawing of for real was Poseidon from the little mermaid or that i wonted to be a water bender, the list goes on and on.

hope this helps Erydiel

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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by Erydiel »

Thanks for both of your answers! I know I still have a long way to go, but I think Egypt is a really good place to start.

As always, any more advice given is always well appreciated =)

Blessed Be,

May the light always guide you on a dreary day.

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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by AnaisStar »

I didnt choose the Greek Life, the Greek Life chose me

I kept looking into a particular path but kept getting signs from Apollo and Selene. I ignored them at first because I didnt want to work in the Greek Pantheon. Eventually I stopped and listened and realized they were what I was searching for the whole time.

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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by Siona »

Erydiel wrote:I'm wondering, when choosing which deity to work with, how did you choose which pantheon to choose from?
Also, how did you choose which god and goddess within that pantheon?
So way back when I first started studying paganism, the first deities I ever had any interest in were Greek. I set up altars for a few Greek deities, prayed to them, made offerings, etc, but things just never clicked. I think I probably tried to connect with deities from another few pantheons after that, but I can't really remember who... Eventually the Egyptian god Horus shows up. I didn't choose him, he was just there. It's hard to explain how I knew it was him, I just knew.

That lead to exploring the Egyptian pantheon and religion deeper, I was actually an Egyptian reconstructionist for several years. Sometimes a deity would come to me, other times I would make the choice to seek out a particular deity. (Like, I prayed to Hathor for help with a very specific issue, and then a much deeper relationship formed from that.) However, a few years ago the Greek Artemis started popping up a lot. I was just noticing more and more references to her, couldn't stop thinking about her, just felt so pulled to her. Eventually it was... it was sort of overwhelming, and the Egyptian deities I had been working with stepped back, and Artemis was the only one left.

So I started to worship her, and then later started exploring the Greek pantheon and religion more, and I even sought out Hathor again, so there's that mix of being approached and choosing to approach. (It also means I've got deities from two different pantheons that I work with, but it's not like it's something that never happened in ancient times - we actually know a lot of the Egyptian deities by their Greek names, not their Egyptian names.) I sometimes wonder why Artemis didn't call to me right from the start, or if she did and for some reason I just couldn't pick up on it. I had a lot of important experiences as an Egyptian reconstructionist though, no regrets with that, so perhaps it was necessary to go in that direction first anyway...

If you have an interest in a deity or pantheon, it's good to explore that. Sometimes you hit on the right path straightaway because of an interest, or just having a feeling about it, if nothing comes from it, maybe it's not just the right time, or maybe you're meant to be looking at a totally different pantheon. There are so many possibilities, and sometimes it happens right away, and sometimes it takes a lot of searching, it's all different for everyone. :)
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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by Sakura Blossom »

I seriously didn't choose mine. Haha. I originally started in Celtic tradition, because I'm Irish. Well, my ancestry is. I felt very connected to it, and I honestly thought that Brigid had reached out to me. I also did work (and still do a bit) with the Fey. Well, a little while later, certain things happened and I realized that who I thought was Brigid, was actually Loki trying to trick me into thinking something else as a little test of how closely I pay attention to things. I did some more research and found that many people who work with him have the same thing happen. He chooses you, not usually the other way around as he can be hard to work with.

And after that, another deity showed themselves to me and I encountered another. So I now work with Freyja, Loki and Eir. I have yet to fully establish a connection with Eir and Freyja, but I'm working on it. (:

So when they revealed themselves to me, I started researching a bit more into them but not too much as I like them to tell me what they'd like me to know or find, then went on from there.

I would definitely suggest reading up on what you find interesting, and see how you like it! I'd also keep a journal daily of things that you find in your daily life, any kinds of signs that might be from who you're meant to work with. (: It's very beneficial and I need to get back to doing that because it did help me a lot. I kept getting signs that would literally be thrown into my face. Haha! So definitely keep an eye open for anything that you see quite often, as there may be a pattern. (:

I hope this helps!
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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by Moonfire »

It's hard to say whether I picked the Egyptian pantheon or if I was picked by it. When I was faced with a religious dilemma and needed to believe in a higher power, I started to look into different deities and the like. I chose Egypt to look into first because Ancient Egypt has always been fascinating to me. It was almost a fixation for many years. As I was looking up lists of Egyptian gods, I felt so drawn towards Thoth. I found it strange because I knew next to nothing about him. All I knew was that he was the God of Wisdom and that he had the head of an Ibis and that was it. Still, feeling drawn in, I looked a bit into him and not only did it just feel right but I noticed a few signs that I recall seeing through out my life.

The first that comes to mind is that my favorite color has been blue for a very long time. More specifically, royal and deep blues. This was a color that represents Thoth. The Eye of Horus is often considered his symbol because of how he restored Horus's left eye after he had lost it in his battle against Seth. When I was twelve and into my early teen years, not only did I constantly draw this symbol, I even had a necklace with a blue center where the eye was and I wore it obsessively. Thoth is also a pacifier of the gods. He has been known to mediate between their affairs. Through out my life, I have often been a mediator between my friends whenever they have fight and the one they come to for advice or wisdom. The final thing that surprised me was that Thoth is a lunar deity. And for as long as I can remember, I have loved the moon.

Ra, however was a different story. He revealed himself to me. One night after I had scrambled to my altar for protection against something nasty, Thoth was shielding me and instructing me to not turn around until my incense had stopped burning. That was when Ra came to me and he told me that they would protect me and he touched me on the back where I felt my energy blossom outward in the form of wings of fire. And then he made me go get him wine at 2am as an offering. =.= So, I guess you could say that I was chosen.

Go with what's natural. Look into some pantheons a bit and go with what seems to speak to you or draw you in. :]

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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by Nightwatcher »

AnaisStar wrote:I didnt choose the Greek Life, the Greek Life chose me.
XD So true!!!

I work with the Greek Pantheon but not all of them. Those I work with are Lady Artemis, Lady Selene, Lady Hecate, Lord Hades, Lord Hermes, Apollo and Zeus (unwillingly =.=). Each has contacted me but Lady Artemis and Lord Hades in particular are closest to me. Fun stories ahead!

1) It seems Lady Artemis always had an eye on me. As a babe I was licked by a wild deer, I have a talent for running and archery. I have seen wolves several times even though I live in an area devoid of wolves. When I was little and found out about Greek mythology I right away was drawn to her. I love how she respects both women and men; true equality.

2) Lord Hades was much more subtle. I never even realized our connection until a few months ago! Darkness, the shadows... they never bothered me. I can be very silent, slipping through the streets without a sound. Death never bothered me; it was simply a part of life and I've always found it silly to be scared of it. Last is more of a personality trait; I tend to command the room, even without meaning to. ^^; I've also always gotten angry how Lord Hades is depicted in mass media as "evil" and cruel; it just sets me off.

3) Lady Selene and Lady Hecate I ran across while learning about Lady Artemis. I love what they stand for and they were kind enough to give me guidance. ^-^

4) Lord Hermes.... how to explain.... I haven't worked with him so much as run into him during meditation. I have a minor crush on him... :oops: But!! Business is the field I work in and business falls under his jurisdiction.

5) Apollo and Zeus... haa... These two are... interesting. :| Zeus came to me while I was sleeping and... well, tried to seduce me. I hit him.

Yes yes, I know, I shouldn't do that. But he was-was-!!!! Yeah.... But instead of being angry he laughed. Seems he took a shine to me since then. :shock: Just why....

Apollo s a different matter; in one of my past lives I was a High Priestess for him in a small Roman village. That connection has not faded and I am blessed with being able to act, sing, dance, write stories/epics, write poetry and possibly play instruments and draw if I had the patience. So our connection goes way back and have many of his blessings. He's still a dork though (to me. He seems to always be in trouble with something when I see him in mediation. XD That's why I don't put the Lord title; he feels more like a older brother who gets into trouble then a God to me. I wonder if this is also colored by my deep connection to Lady Artemis who is his twin sister...)

I actually loved Egypt as well (still do) but was never drawn to their mythology like the Greek pantheon.
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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by Zili »

I didn't choose a pantheon, nor did a single one choose me. I've known from an early age that all religions have branched from one absolute truth and have been changed and manipulated through out the course of history. I believe that there is one over all energy that has created everything us, our world. the universe and everything we haven't yet seen, but in order for humans to form a bond with this energy they needed to see it as something similar to themselves but no mere human could have done all of this so they are seen as larger, wiser, ethereal wonders with human like attributes. Some are seen as the same or similar enough they were thought to be the same (for instance Venus/Aphrodite Isis/Kali Mars/Aries etc.). I feel as though we seek out (or we are sought out by) the parts of the creator that resonate the most within ourselves.

For me I work with Dionysus (Greek god of wine and theatre, as a storyteller theatre and performance have been essential in my life. I also found myself being drawn to him for guidance when I became sober to stay sober), Ganesha (Hindu god of wisdom and remover of obstacles even with his very appearance he promotes balance), Brigid (goddess of inspiration, creativity, and poetry as a writer/poet I found myself facing 2+ years of writer's block and working with Brigid opens the doors to allow inspiration back into one's life), and most recently (as in yesterday) I have found myself being sought by Pamona (Goddess of the Harvest) her feast day (celebrated as her marriage to her husband) is August 13 (the start of the fall harvest) and is associated with fruit bearing trees especially apple trees. My whole life I've had an obsession with the symbol of apples, a more than healthy appreciation for apples, and a desire to live in or near an apple orchard she might have been calling to me this whole time or there off to the side patiently waiting until she could "harvest me" in a way (waiting for me to mature).

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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by mangosandy82 »

I've always been attracted to the moon and the sun ever since I could remember. When i first came into wicca i chose gaia and pan because i love hiking trails. I had signs from the sun and the moon but didnt realize they were calling to me. I later on realized they were calling to me so i chose them as my pantheons. I love the sun and the moon. They are so pretty. I love it when the moon is seen from my window at night. I dont have a name for the sun and moon so i just call them the sun god and moon goddess.

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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by creatrix »

I read a book about Isis and fell in love with her in my teens. I'm drawn to the Egyptian pantheon as well as Greek. I also enjoy the Hindu and Celtic Gods. You could say I'm eclectic. It's funny because I'm half German but not as into those deities. I believe in reincarnation and so I think you can be drawn to deities of a culture you were before.

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Re: How did you choose your Pantheon?

Post by Floyd Pinkerton »

I've always felt a connection to Celtic culture and Irish/Welsh things. At first I thought it was because some of my family comes from Ireland/Wales but recently I started reading about the Celtic Gods and Goddesses and it all felt so right to me. That's how I knew I was supposed to follow the Celtic Pantheon.

When it feels right, you'll just know it, and know that that's the Pantheon you're supposed to follow.

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