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Someone visited me it seems

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:53 am
by cherrypie
Hi everyone,

I guess I got visited yesterday - no idea by whom, but it seemed pretty clear to me. I sat at my laptop with some work to do when suddenly a string of my little guitar which lies on a cupboard made a sound. It was only once, but very clearly and loud. I looked up and saw an insect with long legs like a moth fly away from the instrument. It was surely not heavy or strong enough to cause the string to sound that loudly. Nothing else was up there that could have been able to make that sound.

Wonder who or what that was ?

I notice that since two or three years I get deeper and deeper into all this, my really strong connection to nature (and I guess its spirits), my intuition, my overall interest in such things (I mentioned it before in other ^postings: if at all, I might call myself a green witch whose strength is herbalism (and my new interest, shamanism with all the necessary plants they use). I often wonder if it was meant for me to follow that path, esepcially as I get older and life has had its toll on me quite a bit. Do you know the feeling when you feel alone amongst people? I do have some friends and lots of acquaintances, I like being around them, but I even enjoy being for myself much more. I don#t feel alone, rather the contrary: more time to delve into my books :D ! And maybe it IS because sometimes I Do feel alone. Even though I'm married, I had no sex since 8 years. I don#t want to tell the story, but I love my husband as my kid's father (and he is the best father, honestly), and as a very imprtant part of our family and we both would rather shoot ourselves in the foot than go separate ways, becuase there is no reason. But I'm not in love anymore, and I miss having somebody to love, who loves me, or smply know somebody wants me (I suppose he feels the same). maybe we will take the next stpe when the kids are grown up which isn#t very long, who knows. What I wanted to say by this is: there are aspects of my life I don't like, I have problems like everybody else have, and let's be honest: life sucks sometimes. The only thing that lifts me up immediately, is when I'm ouside, in the forest, in my garden, when I read my books, when I think about all things herbalism, gardening, green witchery etc. You know what I mean? I don't think I will meet somebody new one day, I don#t think I will lead the perfect life, someday, I only want my kids to be happy and healthy, and if there is some time left for me to do what I love to do, then that is great - I expect nothing more, and in fact this is big anyway. It fils almost my entire thinking (well, besides family stuff, my job *lol*, darn things like bills etc., you get it) and it makes me happy. But I wonder. have I chosen this path in order to fill the hole tat is there evidently, or did this path chose me? I have been interested in plants and herbs since I was a little kid. My parents, especially my dad taught me a lot, and my mom told me her grandmother always was out in the woods gathering herbs and plants, she looked like a gypsy. I like that thought of having inherited all this from some old gypsy woman a lot :)! What do you think? And I still wonder who visited me yesterday... :wink2:

Re: Someone visited me it seems

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:28 pm
by Blu-Luna
Warm greetings and so nice to meet you! I feel it might have been a good faery or a nature being trying to get your attention. I don't know if it matters much if you chose this path or it picked you, but the fact that you are on the path now is all that matters. It could very well be you inherited your Gypsy self from your Grandma, as these things happen. It sounds like you are really good with herbs and plants so perhaps this is your area of expertise! I think I actually seen an Elemental creature of some sort this summer! It is nice to know they are still around us I think!

Re: Someone visited me it seems

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:45 am
by cherrypie
yes, at least I really hope they are, and it was in fact attested to me that hese were really some natur spirits I saw a few years ago from the corner of my eye. I wish I'd see the again, it is kind of comforting to me that there is another realm that is hopefully more peaceful and beautiful tht this world we live in. Sorry, I sound pretty negative today (and I am ;-), but sometimes I really struggle with life. Not that I don't love being alive, but sometimes I just don't get the meaning and purpose of it all, regarding all that is happening on this earth. I just wonder why it is so hard? If life is meant to be happy and fun, then why the large majority doesn't feel that way? Most of the time I perceive it only as a constant battle...for money, for health, for peace, for love...whatever. if that is what this is about I urgently plead for becoming an ant in my next life, but please no more human. Damn PMS. This month I have it for a full fortnight so far >:(

Re: Someone visited me it seems

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:58 am
by SpiritTalker
It may help to realize that the Earth is naturally transiting an area of space with intense energies, not to mention meteors. We entered this galactic space in 2012-13 & will continue for a while as part of the major cosmic cycle. The sun is expending more energy as well & in 2013 a huge "pie piece" chunk was blown out of the sun. The gap is still visible but getting smaller as it fills back in. This impacted the geo-electro energies of the planet resulting in weather pattern fluctuations & bigger storms & volcanic activity. And also impacts the consciousness of the group-mind of humanity. The mind is electric. In short, humanity is experiencing an awakening the likes of which has not been seen before. Other-realms also are affected because we're connected. It's necessary that old established "norms" be uprooted, examined & re-adjusted or replaced. This geo & spiritual upheaval has been predicted for years. We are part of a huge living system & the species is coming of age. That's like stress on steroids.

Re: Someone visited me it seems

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:27 am
by cherrypie
oh my, I completely forgot about this cosmic impact! Especially since July and until October we are going through some really higly energetic times....I've been feeling this for y few years now (as you said!), but this year is intense - people seem to be all out of control, out of their affected me in a way as I didn't have the feeling of belonging for most of the time. It is getting better now, though, because I connect more again with people (and it does me so much good to spend time qith friends and acquaintances - I only forget from time to time ;-)).
Whenever I approch my menses I get very, very sensitive (more than usual, and I really don't like being an empath because I still cannot quite handle it), so what I wrote above is my usual PMS mood which is fluctuating, but I feel as if I carried the world on my shoulders, and this is one heavy world, let me tell you!

I guess we have to sit and wait until calmer times come. I feel more comfortable knowing there is a whole other realm I can visit, something that is in a way mine and that almost nobody around me knows. Comforting :)

Re: Someone visited me it seems

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:30 am
by cherrypie
I really need to concentrate more on my meditation and connecting woith this other realm...if only I had more time: seems I'm always working, then we have our new puppy after my beloved Mickey died in June (Istill cry a lot because of him, the pain hasn't diminished at all) who is like a baby and similarly exhausting....I really need to make a plan how to get things done, otherwise I will pack my bags and leave for Hawaii, I guess ;-)