I'm working on a Bread spell...

For you advanced spell crafters looking to get feedback on spells you wrote.
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Re: Bread, and my Pentagram!

Post by JBRaven »

This is what witchcraft is about. The love (not the perfection) of the craft. You can tell that bread had thought and love put into it. Good Job. I excited to see more of your work in the future.

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Re: Bread, and my Pentagram!

Post by Tylluan »

I've really enjoyed reading the build up to the bread and seeing the finished item. Its very inspiring, well done and no wonder you are proud of it. Really nice job :D
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Re: Bread, and my Pentagram!

Post by laruna »

Thank you all so much!! *preen* lol Honestly, i could have never done it without you,i wouldn't have ever thought of it on my own.

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Re: Bread, and my Pentagram!

Post by FireQueen »

Brilliant! Love the clay disks and the bread looks absolutely scrumptious. :D

Good luck and brightest blessings.
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Re: Bread, and my Pentagram!

Post by Alina_Rose »

Where did you find the clay recipe? I would very much like to try it! and excellent job!
Blessed Be

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