Ask a witch a (less weird!) question!

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Autumnal Rose
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Ask a witch a (less weird!) question!

Post by Autumnal Rose »

I run the "Ask a Witch a Question" website and the questions come in thick and fast. But recently there have been some WEIRD questions..... Will I curse Justin Bieber if someone pays me? Is autism possession by evil spirits? and "Where do witches go on holiday?"

Oh and - have I ever killed anybody?> (ummm, no).

Have the world of witches drunk a little too much Yule sherry?

Blessings of the season to you all (weird or otherwise!)

Starfox Amaranth
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Re: Ask a witch a (less weird!) question!

Post by Starfox Amaranth »

If you don't mind me saying, I decided to stop in and have read a little bit from this page of questions. The autism one disturbed me. My boyfriend is not only autistic, but he is also a pagan. I also happen to have a little brother with autism. The last time I checked, neither of them are possessed by evil spirits.

I love your site though! You give such great answers to these questions, some of which I've often wondered myself.

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Re: Ask a witch a (less weird!) question!

Post by MsMollimizz »

Thanks for the link...
I'll have to go back and look !
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