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People in Our Lives

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:01 pm
by AnaisStar
Im a firm believer that people come in to our lives for a reason. Some are for short periods of time and some are for longer. Each one has a lesson to share with us. I also believe in reincarnation and past lives.

But I have found myself in a weird situation. What I'm stuck in is that someone has been in my life casually/professionally for over a year. The very first time I saw him I felt this pull from my heart, and felt a deeper connection. It was like right away I felt "I know this person" or "I need to be with this person and get to know them".

The situation is sticky however, and must remain professional.

However, in dreams and past life meditations this person has never come up. So I'm not sure if he is actually from a past life. And I'm not sure what to do as far as finding out why he is currently in my life.

There was a small break where I didnt see him, but now he is back. And I can't stop thinking about him. When I see him, it's like I have this feeling of wanting to care for him, and protect him. It's this sense of a protective love. I get a sense of us knowing each other in the past, and that we are both old kindred souls.

I'm trying to sort this one out, and feeling a little stuck. Maybe more past life mediations? Thoughts?

Re: People in Our Lives

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 9:27 pm
by Seraphin_npocampo
Hiya AnaisStar!

Awareness and knowledge of our past helps us to understand our present mindset, experiences, feelings, emotions and character, especially those that defy logical explanation like the one that you're experiencing right now.

Pastlife meditations will certainly help you to know why you are attracted to this person. I don't know about you but I firmly believe that nothing happens by chance. This is what the law of causality says. I believe there are no accidents or coincidences in this life. I also don't believe that any of us have experiences or feelings that just happens for no apparent reason. Nothing comes into our lives unbidden, it all has meaning and purpose. The meaning may be beyond our conscious mind's understanding when we're in the middle of it, but everything has purpose. As the psychic Edgar Cayce said, "For the soul never forgets, we rarely meet a person by accident."

In my opinion, you had met the man before in one of your previous lifetimes. This is the reason why are you feeling some sort of protective care or love for him. As I said before in other thread, our hearts have reasons that our feeble mind just can't understand. The care and love is brought about by your soul memories.

Why he's here in this lifetime? Probably, because of karma? But you'll figure it out in time. Both of your existence and your meeting with this person in this lifetime is simply two points of a long series of causal connections that you don't see or perceive as of yet. You see only the beginning and the end, but not the unconscious connections between them. But there's a mind at work that put those seemingly noncausal events together.

Re: People in Our Lives

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:37 pm
by Kassandra

Here's an idea that came to me:

Make a little poppet of some sort of him. Place it on your altar, or other place given to pensiveness.

For a few weeks, speak from your Highest Self to his Highest Self via the poppet. Also write things to it, and place the writing beneath it. Get it all out of your system! Laugh. Cry. Be angry. Be lusty. Whatever strikes you.

Write your intention to hold to your integrity in the situation (as reflected in your desire that it "remain professional"), as well as your desire not to be a hindrance of him holding to his integrity, as well.

Speak to his ancestors, and to yours --our ever-present elders. Let them all know your inner battles, and request their assistance and strength in the situation. I know from your past posts you resonate with Ganesh and others from the Indian pantheon...get them in on this working, as well. :wink:

Finally, once you feel you've truly gotten it all out, send the poppet back to the spirit realm in your own fashion, whatever form that may take (i.e., for instance, doing a cut and clear spell, somewhere in nature, during a waning moon perhaps, or whatever you feel would help you "let go").

And so it is. Hope that helps.

[Geez, why is it I can think of things like this for other people so easily, but not for myself?! There is a situation right now in my life where this little working would really help me, in fact, a couple situations. I guess that's why it's great we have a community here: when we help others, we also help ourselves, lol.]


Re: People in Our Lives

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:51 am
by ness
Hi AnaisStar!

I was actually quite surprised to read your post because I am sort of in the same situation.
Sometimes I feel urged to make a connection with few people and I can't seem to ignore the intuition. I met this person recently, only through online, but I am feeling a very protective love for this person. I feel the need to shelter and care for this person. I felt this right after we were introduced, so I didn't know much about the person's life. The pull is so strong that I can hardly ignore it.

Only difference: When I meditated last time, he was there. I was in a dark tree house with just a candle for light. I was walking around with the candle to notice the details in the tree house and see him sitting in a corner. And sometimes when I would turn, he would be sitting in the other corner. I didn't feel any negativity. His presence was actually very calming. We didn't talk, we were just there. It is very interesting to me, but it is a puzzle what it all means.

When things like this happen, I fully open my heart and soul to allow my spirit reach the person in whatever way possible. I do try not to force it but if opportunities presents itself, I open my hand for friendship. I feel that I am put in this place and time to do just that, regardless of the physical world limitations and beyond sticky situations. But I do understand what you mean because I am often caught wondering about these things getting me in sticky situations.

I think establishing our intentions is very important. And patience that answers will present itself when the time is right. Or it might be one of those things where you only understand it in hindsight.

Re: People in Our Lives

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 2:48 pm
by AnaisStar
Thanks for the advice everyone. Clearly I need to sit with this more and meditate more.

We have a lot in common and I could see us being friends but we have never put anything out there. We keep it very professional. It was easier to forget about it when we had a break from seeing each other, but now that he is back in my life everything has bubbled back up.

Kassandra - Ill have to try your poppet idea.

After posting this I did a little PLR meditation and found myself as a woman back in the 40s before WW1. I was with a man and then later saw us getting married. He went off to war, and I think died while serving. We had one kid together. That was about all I was happy to glean from this session. I could not tell if this past life husband was this person in question or not though.

Just got to sit with this one more I guess.

Thanks again for all the advice.