Seeing in this time and that time

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Seeing in this time and that time

Post by stormofwind »

Because veil is basically thin I seeing myself in past life it rather strange
seeing who I was brushing her hair as young child the other day when I was brushing my hair..
I think we are aware of each in both times.. it sounds really beyond ..
But I had this feeling for know since I was child more so now..
A past life therapist would most likely would say you need to let go..
How can I when is big part who I am.
The timeslips are becoming more stronger..
The 1920's left such huge ripple in time continuum I feel it's bigger for people
Who had a life in that time and now experiencing that past life..
I feel there are many of us around the world who are feeling this.

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Re: Seeing in this time and that time

Post by NeverMoonAWerewolf »

You do not need to let go as such,remembering can be a sign of needing to explore the past or some aspects of it. But you need to avoid obsessing about it.

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