The faery/Fairy faith

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The faery/Fairy faith

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Faery/fairy faith do you practice it personally ?

Celtic roots are leading me to find out all I can about the fair folk and how they come to be in our lives, yes I know a lot of the faery forms are mischievous and fun which is ok I just want to welcome them into my life and respect their manifestations in my nan has always believed in the fae and so do I.

Planning to travel to Scotland and Ireland when the borders re open to find out all I can about the fae traditions and my ancestry .bit of a pilgrimage I suppose but keen for any info that can be shared in the meantime. smileylove :flyingwitch:

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Re: The faery/Fairy faith

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One thing is to practice leaving offerings. Making an altar dedicated to this will help you to be more in touch as you build a relationship with the local Fairies. The Fae like milk and honey and will appreciate a good ale every now and then. They adore sparklie things like crystal but dislike iron. They might try to trick you if they don't feel respected. To hide from them wear your clothes inside out.
When do you leave on your trip?
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Re: The faery/Fairy faith

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You might like this book. "Fairy Witchcraft, A Neopagan's Guide to the Celtic Fairy Faith" by Morgan Daimler. She wrote more books too. The book is for beginners and then you build on it with your own experiences.
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