Where my power is at it's peak

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Where my power is at it's peak

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In all my life the one constant for my power has been in the act of nurturing. By encouraging love and life (I conflate the two as one and the same) I have been at peak magickal efficiency.

I actually love my plants. Even my lawn. And the hops, the trees, the flowers I grow that feed the bees I love. I love the birds who come visit. I have a pair of crows who are actually well known friends. 5 years now we have been communicating and there's significant trust.

I draw a lot of my power from this nurturing. You see, love is an infinite source of power. In fact, it's the only thing I know of that grows because of itself. Perhaps it is consciousness.

Whatever... It's a big part of my craft. I feel it. I nurture it. I use it and it uses me. I am synchronous with love.
Love and Blessings

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