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Ok I was on walk today walking past a long brick wall covered with alot ivy
so half way I noticed a red bright rust small butterfly I never seen before ever..
flicked toward me and went back.. then further down there was a bright yellow butterfly
in ivy flow around me for awhile.. and then went back to ivy..
I never had this happen before.. with two butterfly's I never seen before..
Can anybody tell me what happened or it's meaning?

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Re: Butterflies

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A butterfly can be a metaphor for spiritual transformation & a symbol of awakening to the divine presence within all life. If one lands on you it may be a greeting from a deceased loved one's spirit. 2 butterflies remind of duality yet Red &'yellow may be associated with fire & air which are both male polarity; grapes & ivy are associated with Dionysus & old time taverns used to hang ivy to indicate they served wine as well as just beer...so again, a reminder of divine presence. So I'd see it as Nature's divine consciousness embracing you, being playful & saying "hey, can't you see a fellow?"

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