Warning About Herbs & Prescriptions

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Warning About Herbs & Prescriptions

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Please note that all medicinal herbs can be used to suppliment prescriptions of any sort. However, please consult with you doctor before adding herbal medicine to your doses. Herbs are used as the base for many prescription drugs and can have reactions with other herbs.

Herbal Medicines should not be used in place of any current medicines, as they can have serious reactions to prescription medications like herbs. Always consult an herbal medicine expert before beginning an herbal medicine regiment. In case of emergency, always call 911. EUTM does not take resposibility for any allergic reactions, etc that may result from the use of herbal medicine.

If you are unsure if you have an allergy to any herbs ask your doctor, there is a simple and safe test to identify allergies. Do not attempt to take herbs if you may be allergic to them, ingestion of substances that you are allergic to can be very dangerous.

Also, note that you should consult a doctor before using herbs to treat any serious condition. This is just a friendly reminder that Herbal medicines are the basis for all modern medicine. :)
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