What a "Conicidence" in Space

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What a "Conicidence" in Space

Post by SpiritTalker »

Secure Team 10 points out some highly suspicious coincidental space failures in the past few weeks:

Sunspot Observatory shut down for 2 weeks & town evacuated by FBI
6 other solar observatory webcams simultaneously off line
Mars Opportunity & Curiosity rovers stopped transmitting
Hubble telescope "gyroscope failure" shuts it down
Chandra deep space telescope shut down, unknown reason
Soyuz launch abort, & there is NO backup available to launch to ISS (wha' th'?..?)

Our eyes in space have been blindfolded!

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Re: What a "Conicidence" in Space

Post by birublackzoey »

It has happened consistently throughout the years.

Especially during certain events, the NASA live feed with suspiciously be cut off due to "technical issues".

We only watch what they show/feed us. But what we know, has to come from a deeper place, change is coming.

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