Relation(ship) that wasn't

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Relation(ship) that wasn't

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A relation(ship) that wasn’t

Hey you, once you said there was a way
a promise and love as a break of day
that could wash away the doubt and nerve
like a redemption that exceeds glamour
that one ceases to wish for own last hour -
a belief in joy of life – a thought too brave
yet what… give a reason to chase this rotten grave
ha! lost dreams fell like dashed tears to a lake of utopia
again and again, renewing the presence of coldness
why bother chasing songs that beatify wrongs
why bother giving ache to the head of mine
as a relief for a heart that ached in your shrine.
O, one feels vexed, who violently does invite​?
You are on other path, and deliberately defiled.
Out of envy or jealousy you had this city bribed
& frame me - straight one - as homo or paedophile
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"toll the Silver iterance" Elizabeth B. Browning
"Perfect till the nightingales applauded." Robert Browning
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