So I told My Parents...

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So I told My Parents...

Post by Rifts »

Well I swore that I'd tell my parents if today's meditation worked out. and it did. so I did. Well, at least I told my mom. It worked out well, but she wants to talk to me when she gets home.


Post by BlackTeddyBear »

Congrats! I've already told my mother, but of course she didn't believe me...
"You won't know until you're older."
I am soooo sick of hearing that. It may be true for a lot of people, but I've known for quite a few years before I told her.

How did your mother react when she talked to you?

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Post by Rifts »

she was pretty calm about it. Having expected hell-fire and bible smacks (I have an overactive imagination) It went well. She's read my pagan book collection, I'm reading a book or two of her christian collection.

If I knew this was all I would've come out of the broom closet some time ago.

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Post by Starwitch Stone »

That's great. I'm glad your mom is taking it well and not giving you a hard time.
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Post by 11aliandra18 »

I'm so happy for you that you get the opportunity to share this with your mom. I know it can be a lot of help! I grew up in a UU house, so my parents are perfectly fine with it. Yay for tolerant parents!!

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Post by Twisted_Pixie »

YAY! Thats great huni!!! Go you! My mother didnt take it quite so well but i never really cared what anyone thought of me lol... she thought it was a phase... but 15 or 16 years later and im still very much in love with paganism hehehe

Congrats hun! So happy for you =)

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Post by Buttercup »

It's really nice that your mum has no problem with it.For those of you who are annoyed by your parents thinking it's just a phase,don't worry,as long as they don't really have a problem with it it's perfectly ok. Religion and spirituality is a journey anyway and we change as we evolve,so they're right about you growing older and changing:your ideas and beliefs today will evolve into greater ones in the future as you learn and this has nothing to do with being immature or anything,it's an evolution that continues as long as we live(and maybe for more than that).

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Post by Twisted_Pixie »

The phase thing will pass, if you are still strong in your beliefs 10 years from now they will swallow their own words as my mother did


Post by daughter_of_the_moonlight »

That's so great!
Luckily for me my mum is a witch, but realised after me which is not-the-norm lol but it's cool x

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Post by Kenzie..Kat »

my mom was cool about it,, she was a witch when she was in high school so she gave me a couple of her books.
Blessed Be!


Post by EmoClawra »

Phew!!! You guys are the luckiest people ever!!!

Ok, when I was 12, I told my mum that people at school were teasing me for going to Hogwarts (not very wise of me).

And because I told my mum that I was Pagan/Wiccan she didn't get the point and thought that I was crazy.

So when my dad came back from work, she told him immediately then he went to talk to me up in my room. then he found my altar and went psycho.

He brought a bin and cracked my wand, ripped my mini-broom and most importantly my pentacle (hand made that's why it's so special)!!!

I hate my dad


Post by SunshineChild »

Ha! I'm still in the broom closet. My mum and dad are Christians, I go to a Catholic high school, my boyfriend's an extreme Christian, and nearly all my friends are Catholic. I'm happy in the broom closet for now xD

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Post by Aura_Moonmist »

Wow. I think some people are beyond the help of even very simply put explanations of Wicca. I'm still halfway in the broom closet. My close friends know about it, as well as my parents. But that's it. I'm just going to keep wearing a cross and quoting the Bible in front of the rest of my family, though... Knowing my grandma, she'll drag me by the ear to church and try to have an exorcism done on me...

But anyway, my parents are lesbian. The one that actually had me thinks slightly that this is just a phase, but respects it. My other mom will actually get in on it! It's awesome. She's asked me to give her messages from my grandpa, who died when I was a baby, I've read tarot cards for her, and I've given her charms for when she goes to the casino, and she won double what she spent! (The charm was thyme, aventurine, and botswana agate in a green velvet pouch if anyone wants to make one). My parents take me to a pagan store to get whatever I need, but wouldn't let me get a pentacle necklace, for my sake at school and among relatives. But she compromised on a triskelion.

Anyway, I wish you all still in the broom closet the best of luck!
Hear now the words of the witches,
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Post by Rain.Ramos »

I guess its best somthimes to only tell the parent you trust more. if i told my mom id break her heart cause she can be really ignorant and childish, but i guess it was easier to tell my dad cause he's more understanding and a contributing factor would be that I took note if his hidden pentagram tatoo.(that helped alot)

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Post by Traveler »

Great for all those who came out of the closet and good luck to those who are considering!

As someone who was luckily raised in a very religion-free household, I can tell you that age and experience does indeed change one's outlook. I was pretty much raised freely, so I looked into several things during my middle school years until I became agnostic throughout high school. After coming to college, my next door neighbor in the dorm had a Bible study... which I accidentally stumbled upon. It was during this Bible study that I gained a confidence of a greater power, but the ideas of it were against my personal feelings. In conclusion, I joined the Society of Earth-based Religions in my college and have since been forging my path to discovering what works.

So yes, it is quite possible to change oneself with age, but it's still quite possible for one to have found the right path for them early on.

Let the path ahead be smooth.
Why worship without personal experience? Reading a few lines from a book every week is merely studying compared to a daily meditation. Meditation is an immersive learning experience.

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