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Frequently Asked Questions

"Starwitch, I have a question about the spells..."

I sincerely apologize that I can't be your personal mentor. You're basically in charge of teaching yourself Wicca and spell-casting. I've provided lots of resources here on this site and there are plenty more resources on other witchcraft sites.

Wicca is not as hard as it seems. All spells are written by normal human beings. Well actually, I guess they're witches, but still, they're regular people. They don't have some super-secret spell-writing knowledge that you don't have. They've just read more Wicca books than you. That's why they know how to write spells. I've read enough spells and spellbooks to know that the people who write spells are making them up. So it's not like these are passed down through the generations or anything like that. They're just simple rituals that anyone creative and thoughtful could write if they were inclined to do so. Because of that, it's okay if you need to change a spell to suit your needs. It's even okay for you make up the entire spell yourself based on what's meaningful to you.

Spells don't have to be done exactly the way they're written. A person, just like you, wrote these spells and you can usually change them to suit your purposes and needs. If you don't have a certain herb, you can substitute another herb (but you have to know something about herbs to do that.) If you don't have an orange candle that a money spell calls for, you could use green. Use your imagination. Make up your own spells. It's your energy and intention behind the spell that has the most power.

I post the spells here as a public service for people who need and want them (like you.) Basically, if you have a lot of questions about spells, like "Which spell should I cast for my situation?" or "How soon can I expect this spell to work?" that just means that you haven't studied witchcraft long enough, because if you had then you would already know the answer, which is that there IS no answer. Just like with prayer, no one can say with certainly which is the "best" way to pray, or whether your prayers will be answered.


Do the spells work?

Since I didn't write these spells and I also don't know your skill level (or which spell you're casting), I can't guarantee that they will work for you. Many people write and tell me "Thank you, your spells have worked for me," so clearly they are working for a lot of people. But if you haven't studied witchcraft and you're trying to jump right into spell-casting, you may not have immediate success. It would be better to gain some knowledge about witchcraft before you start casting complex spells. But I don't really think there's a problem with casting simple spells even if you haven't studied Wicca/magick.

Spells that claim to do really outrageous things like change the color of your eyes or make you lose weight or make you levitate may not work for you. If you've come here for spells like those, you've probably just watched too many episodes of Charmed or Buffy (rhymes with "fluffy," ha ha).

If you want to change your eye color, get contacts. If you want to lose weight, try exercising (while using mind power and spells to motivate you.) If you want to levitate... well, hmm.... I just can't help you with that one... sorry. (But you can fly outside of your body if you learn astral projection.)

By the way, the links above (except the astral projection link) go to spells. I offer spells for all sorts of needs and desires. That doesn't necessarily mean that I personally have used them or believe in them. Use your common sense when deciding whether to expend energy on a certain spell. Do you really and truly think it's possible for the spell to work, or are you just hoping for an impossible fantasy to come true?

Basically, if it's not something you would pray for (if you were the praying sort), then it's probably not a good idea to cast a spell for it either. Although I do believe that most anything is possible, I think it's possible with the power of a disciplined mind and spirit, not necessarily by using spells alone. So you would need to be very disciplined mentally and spiritually to do things like levitate, if it's even possible, which I'm not sure about.

"So why would you put spells on your site if you don't believe they'll work?"

Ah, you're full of clever questions, aren't you? It's because I know that people are searching for spells like that. So if I have that spell on my site and Google brings up my page when you search for eye color changing spell, then you'll click the link and come to my site. I'd rather have you on my site than a different site. Some of the other sites will try to convince you to purchase spells that you can get here for free. Don't fall for it. All the witchcraft information you need is free for the taking on this website and others. Don't pay for something you don't have to.

Please think of me as a type of librarian. I collect helpful information and offer it to the public. That doesn't make me an expert on every subject that's discussed here on my website. I'd prefer not to be put in the position of advising a stranger on how to run their life, so please consider finding someone who knows you better than I do. It's difficult to give advice to complete strangers.

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