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I've basically stopped answering messages sent to me, which is why I'm not offering an easy way to contact me. Please search for the answer to your question. I realize that sounds like a mean thing to say, but one day you might run your own website and you'll understand why so many webmasters say that.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of emails that I would prefer you not send to me:

"Please I need u to cast a spell for me."

No. I'm not a spell-caster. Paid spell-casters are usually con artists. I recommend that you stay away from them.

"I tried the eye-color changing spell and it didn't work."

I don't care. That spell is only there to draw you to my site. Once here, you can learn what Wicca is really about and get unrealistic ideas about Wicca out of your head (hopefully). Sorry I tricked you to my site by posting that spell like it was real. I figured it was better than you ending up on a Harry Potter website. If you're mad at me for tricking you, you can go here. Haha, just kidding. Go here instead. ;-P

I personally do not believe that an eye-color changing spell can work, so I won't be at all surprised to hear that it didn't work for you. But I know there are lots of kids who are looking for a spell like that, so there it is. Try it if you want to. If it works for you, be sure to tell me, but don't bother telling me "my psychic friend is the only person who can see my new eye color." That's stupid. Your "psychic friend" is delusional.

"Can you make my soulmate love me? Please help me! I know we are supposed to be together!!"

No, I can't (or won't) solve your love problems for you, but there are lots of free spells in the Love Spells and Witchcraft Spells sections of this site. Please look through the spells I've already offered you. There are no spells that are guaranteed to make someone love you. And anyway, all I'll do is direct you to the Love Spells page if you ask me for a love spell. If you want some good real-life advice on how to get your ex to come back to you, check out my Q&A.

"I want to learn witchcraft."

Well, that's what pretty much everyone wants if they are on this website. That's why I have all this information about witchcraft here (so you can learn.) So please make use of it. I can't be your personal teacher. You can visit the links below for some beginner witchcraft advice and info.

It's not that your beginner Wicca questions aren't important. But it's like me asking you teach me how to read. Sure, you could teach me if you wanted to, but you know that it would take a lot of time and wouldn't be very much fun, so you'd probably tell me to join a reading class and spare you the boredom of teaching me.

Here are some links where I have given advice here on the website. Maybe you'll be able to find something that is helpful to you.

Questions & Answers - These are emails that have been sent to me and the answers I gave to them. There is a lot of good advice here. At least 25 pages of Q and A's. If you are going to ask me about getting a lover back that has left you, please read through that link first. There are several Q&A's that deal with that topic. If you are going to ask me how to remove a curse that a psychic told you was placed on you or your family, please read about curses on that page. I know you think your circumstances are different, but they are probably not that different from what I hear all the time. Humans are pretty predicable.

Dumb Emails - This is the dumb emails page. If you read through some of the emails I've gotten from people who are new to witchcraft, you might be able to see a pattern and figure out whether your problem is one that cannot be addressed through magical means. If you are 13 or younger, please read this page before you contact me.

Spiritual Message Board - The message board is a great place to find advice about anything and everything. People have been writing there for many years and there is just tons of information. Don't forget to use the search function if you are seeking advice on a specific topic such as love spells. You can either use the Search here on the site, or the search on the forum. Both searches will search the forum, but the Site Search will also search the entire (purple) website as well.

If you have questions about Love Spells you can read this thread to see what experienced and non-experienced witches have to say about the subject.

Some other topics that are covered on the forum include:

Read this before asking for spell - Witches' opinions on spell work, magic, how these things work, and what kind of issues can be addressed through magic.

Ouija Boards - All about Ouija boards, talking boards - The dangers of them, whether to use one, what to use it for.

Really, you just can't imagine the amount of information that is there. I'm sure you can find nearly any topic that you have questions about.

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