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Robert Monroe's Sex Pile Encounter

dozens of nearly nude bodies making out
This is an excerpt from Far Journeys by Robert Monroe. It describes something awful that he found while he was out of body, roaming about in the astral realms that surround Earth. It's important to read Monroe's three OBE books, Far Journeys, Journeys Out of the Body, and Ultimate Journey if you want to have the full picture of what's going on. I'm not sure I've ever read anything that's affected me so strongly and changed me so much.

Far Journeys pp 88-89

One of the principal examples came one night when I rolled out of the physical, and before I could release from the second body, an overwhelming drive for sexual union rose in me. I was about to employ my usual not-now-but-later cooling technique when I moved away sharply with a sudden shift. The movement was fast and short. When I was able to perceive, I found I was standing a few feet away from an enormous pile of writhing forms. It reached up, slanting back as high as I could see. In each direction, right and left, it swept off into the distance. It reminded me of nothing so much as the interweaving of huge fishing worms in the bottom of a can after being left there overnight. The motion was continuous, thousands upon thousands, each wet slippery form wiggling in and out among the others in the pile, searching, trying to do something? but never achieving satisfaction.

Three perceptive shocks hit me simultaneously. The forms were not worms, they were human! Second, the incredible, staggering radiation of sexuality, both male and female, that emanated from the seething mass. Third, they all were physically dead. I wanted to turn and run, but some other part of me held me in place. I finally calmed down enough to become analytical. Did I want to join in? My whole being shuddered in rejection. No vestige remained of the sexual drive I found so important moments before. I had the strong percept that it would come again, but never where it would control wholly what I thought or did.

With this flash of knowing, another emotion washed through me -- intense compassion for those trapped in the undulating mass, so focused and intent on seeking sexual satisfaction they were unaware of any other existence - anger at a system that could so inhibit, repress, and distort as to create the situation in front of me. Were these the castoffs of the human process, to remain so throughout eternity?

I moved forward slowly and stopped close to the edge of the pile. The moving bodies were male and female, of all shapes and sizes, glistening with wetness. A bare hairy leg thrust momentarily from the pile, and I grabbed it by the foot and pulled?The leg pushed out blindly, trying to move more deeply back into the pulsating mass. I pulled harder, trying to keep my grip on the sweat-covered ankle. Slowly, I was able to pull the rest of the body clear of the pile. It was a man, small in stature, dark-haired, fine-featured, of indeterminate age. He lay there on his belly, his arms and legs moving crablike, attempting to pull himself back into the pile, totally oblivious to the fact that I was holding on to his foot and preventing him from doing so.

I easily held him in place, bent over, and shouted in his ear, (Hey, I want to talk to you. Hold still for a moment!)

There was not the slightest indication that he heard me. His face was fixed, a gleam of anticipation spread across it. He kept trying to move back and I held him in place, wondering what to do next.

I tried another approach. (It's the cops, the police, they're raiding the joint! Gotta get out!)

I waited for some response, but there was none. I couldn't provide him with the radiation that would get his attention. I released his foot, and he crawled back into the mass and was swallowed up in the movement. I turned away sadly and stretched for my physical ident, and returned without incident.

From that point on, I had a new technique to control any surfacing sexual drive. All I need do is think of that wriggling, writhing, mindless pile of humanity. That does it.

This episode was of the milder variety that may be encountered in the immediate postphysical areas. I soon discovered there was a pattern at work in my own guided tour through them - states of being I had previously passed through quickly to avoid confrontation. All of these forays started while in the second body, before I could release it and move outward. I felt safe and secure with my higher self doing the driving.

The feeling was right. But not the reason.

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