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Astral Projection / Out-of-Body Experiences

Below are astral projection, out-of-body experiences, and other related experiences that have been sent in by readers.
Dear Starwitch,

I was doing some reading about astral projection on your website, and found something that I can do that your site doesn't actually mention. You know how you are supposed to lower yourself into a trance-like limbo and then reach for the vibration-like state? I can reach the state of vibration during full consciousness, and I'm not really sure if its normal.

I can also share my overly abundant energy with those around me while in this state. For example, me and a friend were sitting on her bed using a deck of playing cards for a reading of sorts, and the more energy I pushed into her the more vivid her descriptions became. It got to the point where even she was stunned at how detailed the images she was getting were.

Please reply to this to the best of your knowledge.
David Dear David,

Being able to reach the vibrational state while fully conscious isn't the norm. I've never heard of anyone who can do it, though I'm sure people like that probably exist (in the mountains of Tibet or somewhere like that). It sounds really interesting. I think it's a gift. Maybe you are meant to heal others with your energy. If you haven't tried healing already, I'd recommend that you try it and see how it goes. You might want to read up on it first, or if you feel like you want to you can just give it a try (and maybe learn more later). I do some hands-on healing myself and would love to have the ability to actually feel the energy coming from my hands into their body. That would be awesome. You probably have a wonderful gift and I really think you will do great things with it in the future. Feel free to keep in contact with me if you'd like.
Bright Blessings,

Hi Starwitch. My name is Reanha. I learned how to astral project and the first time was awesome. I couldn't believe it when I woke up the next day, I was so happy. I also called up the friend that I went to go see in my astral form and knocked on the window that night and she said that, yeah, she did hear something knocking on her window. Sorry if this sounds fake, but it's the truth. I still astral-project in my sleep, sometimes by accident. It's kind of funny afterwards, but I don't recommend it to weak-souled people who can be easily attacked by anything negative (evil demons). Thank you for your time.
Hi. I like to do my OBEs when I am about to go to sleep. I can travel to many places. One time I was flying with my late step-father over the highways of Long Island, New York, and the funny thing was he told me when the sun was coming up that I should go home to wake up for work. When I went back into my body it was the same sunlight as I had seen in my dream. It was definitely an OBE. I love traveling all over my apartment also.
Thank you,
Starwitch, I've never been so scared in my entire life, I projected last night, I was walking thru what looked like the dark abyss... nothing but darkness and a very very loud bass noise? I am still bewildered and shaking from my experience. Why was I so scared? :/
Much love,
Micheal. Hi Micheal,

Because when you leave your body, your mind is programmed to believe that you're dying, so it goes into panic mode and releases adrenaline. You are in fight or flight mode in case you get attacked (cause you're alone in the dark - the perfect place for an attack). It can be very scary - heart thumping, thoughts racing, all the typical signs of fear... It can really take some time and some serious deprogramming effort to train yourself to react calmly and not get overexcited. Try reading some of those astral projection books that are available. They usually address the issue of dealing with fear.

Also, walking through a dark abyss sounds pretty freaking scary to me. The loud bass might have been your mind's interpretation of your heart thumping so hard. And then sometimes our mind just makes up weird noises that are unexplainable. They're so loud to you that you think everyone must hear it, but only you can hear it.

Oh yeah, I saw on that show "NOVA: What are Dreams?" that your eardrum actually vibrates when you're in REM sleep, so maybe that's what you were hearing. It just sounds much louder from inside your own head.


(Since this is confusing, I'll explain that the writer is a married woman who is in love with a female friend of hers, but the friend doesn't want a lesbian relationship.)


I am very good at astral projection. I do it naturally without trying. I have always been able to do this.

Once during Hailey's Comet, I forgot to set my alarm to get up and watch it. I astral traveled to a friend's balcony at her apartment and watched it there. I knew the entire conversation she had with her boyfriend while watching the comet. I told her about it the next day and she said I repeated the conversation word for word. She was not a psychic and she was very impressed.

I had a crush on a guy I worked with when I was a single girl. He would call me a succubus because I would "appear to him in dreams" and give him [edit]. I didn't realize I was really doing it until he told me this. I thought I had just been having erotic dreams about him.

My husband and son went to New York a few weeks ago. The woman I'm in love with came to my bedroom and we had sex. She does not have memory of this (that she admits). I did not tell her I knew we had sex. But I did prove to her that I could go to her house. I told her I was close to her house and saw blue lights. It was the same night her neighbor strung blue lights on his porch. She tells me she is afraid of astral projection because she is not in control. I have astral projected to her bedroom and tickled her cheek until she moved. I told her about this but she has no memory of it.
Hello Starwitch,

I was recently reading on your site about astral projection. I find many of the methods interesting and will try them as soon as I can. But on my failed attempts before, it seems that I was unable to "escape" my body. I still felt physical sensations even though I tried the methods I'd read about on other sites. Do you have any suggestions for my problem? Am I just not relaxed enough? Also, I can focus what I believe to be energy into various body parts that creates a sort of buzzing and feels like it radiates heat. Is this the vibrational stage I've read about?

Please help me if you can.
WolfGal Hi WolfGal,

Yes, those all sound like typical signs that you're close to having an out-of-body experience. There are several things that could keep you trapped in or near your physical body. I have the same problem many times (most AP'ers have that problem at some point). You could be prevented from leaving by your own fear of leaving your body (perhaps you think spirits could take you over if you left?), or by taking certain medications, drugs, or caffeine, alcohol, etc. I'm sure there are other reasons that you could find as well. I'd recommend that you read the AP books and just keep trying different techniques and learning more about it. Eventually it'll happen for you if you try enough (that's assuming that you have a natural talent for it, which you do.)


My first out-of-body experience happened when I was about 14 or 15 years old. I always would have trouble sleeping at night, so I'd stay up all night, go to school, then come home and sleep. This one day I got home from school but I had plans so I didn't want to fall asleep. I was tired because I didn't get any sleep the night before so I decided to just rest my eyes for a few minutes. I laid down in my bed, and closed my eyes. I'm not sure how many minutes passed, but I was looking down on myself. I tried to speak but I couldn't move my mouth, it felt like it was glued shut. I tried to open my eyes, but they also felt like they were glued shut. I could still hear my heartbeat, but I was really confused at this point. I couldn't move anything on my body, but my spirit was floating outside of my body. I literally thought I was dying. I had so many scary thoughts racing through my head, I felt paralyzed. After that, I could feel my spirit reenter my body, it felt like it "zapped" back into place, it was weird.

This happened a few more times when I was 15, except I wasn't scared because I researched what happened to me and I found out what it was. I couldn't control it, I didn't know how to. I still don't, it just happens randomly. The last time this happened to me, I actually astral-projected, and traveled. I was rolling down hills with other spirits. I don't remember much from the last time, other than hills and people, I was having so much fun.
Hey Starwitch ^_^

My name is Myisha. I enjoyed reading the other AP emails. Its pretty cool to be able to speak freely about it. Thanks. :)

I had my first AP experience when I was three. My dad & uncle were taking my sister and I somewhere. I wanted to stay home but had to go. On the freeway, I fell asleep in the backseat. I floated out the back window. I watched the car continue to drive next to the hillside and on home. I laid on a pillow on the middle of the living room floor by where my mother was sitting. Next thing I know, I am "waking up" in that same spot.
I practice nowadays, reaching the vibration stage with ease. Like one of the other guys that posted, I'm also conscious during the vibrating stage. Immense energy fills the room when it happens, but I have not parted from my body yet. I am getting there! ;)

Thanks for reading and thanks for the site.
Light & Love!!
Hi Starwitch. My name is Dakota. I have astral projected three times before and all of them were really weird and different from what I think it should be. The first time I astral projected I found myself in my backyard I could literally feel the wind in my face it all felt so real. There was something that had me cornered and it was about to attack and then I woke up. It was the scariest experience of my life.

The second time I astral projected, my astral body rolled off my bed and then under my bed until I bumped into the wall and woke up.

The third time I astral projected I was in school. I had fallen asleep and thought I had woke up but I didn't. Everything was normal; the teacher was teaching the class still, but there was what looked like a cat brushing up against my leg repeatedly.

My question is, are all of these experiences normal? I feel like I can't control my astral body to go where I want to go. It's always random. And I can only go into these astral projections when I'm not trying to astral project. I find myself in sleep paralysis and it all happens on its own. How do I go into an astral projection on my own without being in sleep paralysis? I'd appreciate it if you could help me out, I've been really interested in astral projection for awhile now, but I just don't know If I'm doing it right or if these stories I shared are even astral projections at all, but they were quite different from any regular dream I've had. It was all realer than real. I had all of my senses still. I really don't know how to explain it. Thank you for listening and I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you.
As a child, I remember vivid dreams where I would fly around the areas I could travel to (near my house) by memory; down the street, to my friend's houses, anywhere I could go without getting lost. I also had recurring nightmares and all sorts of trouble falling asleep. Since then I've learned that women in my family are known to have psychic dreams.

For example, my great grandmother was having my grandmother and her nine children (including my mom) stay at her house. On the day they were supposed to leave, she begged them not to go, saying she'd had a dream that a man broke into her house and tried to kill her. Alas, she was ignored by her children, and sure enough that night a man broke into their house and tried to stab her, but she grabbed his knife and sliced her hand open. She was never able to use her hand to draw or write again.

Also, one of my uncles was murdered (stabbed to death) and on the night it happened my aunt recalls waking up gasping just hours before she received the phone call reporting his death.

Thinking about it, I can't recall any specific experiences with me so far but I do VERY often get the feeling of sudden jolts when trying to fall asleep or when I'm in a light sleep. This includes falling or the feeling you get when you're going down stairs and you miss a step. I will wake up with a gasp and sometimes see something coming towards my face before I wake up abruptly. This is how my recurring nightmares would end - before anything bad happened. I don't want to come off sounding like a whack job, but I'm convinced I have some spiritual insight and the ability to develop it. I plan to try more astral projection techniques and meditation. But I emailed you to see if you can tell me anything about my dreams or what they may mean or what I should do...
Thanks :)
Dear Starwitch,

On your website, you said that you wanted to hear about any out-of-body experiences. I don't really know if my experience can be referred to as an out-of-body experience. I was actually hoping that you could tell me what it is. Whether it was just a coincidence or it actually means something.

A couple of years ago there was an air crash in Mangalore, India. It happened early in the morning, around 4 or 5 am, if I'm not mistaken. Around the same time, I was asleep and I was in the middle of a nightmare. In my dream I was an old woman sitting in an aircraft that was about to crash. I was terrified. (I figured that this may have also been because I am afraid of flying and have been afraid since I was little). There was smoke everywhere and suddenly the plane erupted in flames! I felt like I was tied down and couldn't move my limbs. I was finding it hard to breathe as well. I woke up at this point and a couple of minutes later realized that there had been a plane crash and the plane had broken in half and burst into flames.

There have been other situations where I simply dream of having conversations with my friends. I usually do not remember these dreams. A couple of days later I find myself having the same conversation and I start to feel like it has happened before. Except this time I know the course of the conversation and can alter it so as to make sure that no one is offended. I don't remember these dreams. But when these conversations or incidents take place, I always know what to expect. Or what would happen if I didn't say something to alter the course of events.

I would really appreciate it if you would respond to my email. I would like to know what this means and what it says about me. Love,
Hi, my name is Lynn. I am 44-years-old now, and I still have these. They feel so real. I was told that I am having OBEs. I have done this since I was a child. The dreams would be a very long hallway and I can't get to the door; and there is one dream where I'm falling and there's no bottom. One time I had a dream that I was getting kidnapped, and a week later it almost came true. The dreams have slowed down for a few years, but now I am having them more often. I'm studying to be a Wiccan. I don't know how to control it. Please help me. I really need to get a good night sleep. At times it scares me so much that I wake up screaming.
I am no longer updating this page with new stories, but feel free to post your experiences over on the forum.
Thanks, Starwitch

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