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Visualization Exercises

The key to all magickal operations is a strong ability to visualize. Everyone can visualize, but some need to strengthen their visualization abilities in order to gain the effects they are working for. The following technique has proved highly effective in intensifying one's visualizations.

Exercising Your Inner Eye

(taken from Experiences in Visual Thinking by Robert McKim)

Taking your time, translate each of the following descriptions into a mental image. Go back and do it again in a few weeks and then a few weeks later, and notice the difference. Notice the difference, also in the way you see things--inner as well as outer-- after you've done these exercises.

Now sense (see, touch, hear, taste, smell) with your minds eye:


Uses for Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization, also sometimes called Guided Imagery is useful for many aspects of inner work, self healing, and magickal workings.

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