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To Enter the Land of the Fae

Fairy in woods
"Night Song" - Design by Katt

Early one morning you awake to a new excitement, one you haven't felt since you were a child. It's going to be a beautiful day. The birds are singing, and enticing you to follow them down a charming path. You follow, squirrels and butterflies come out of nowhere, and then your escort arrives. He has come to lead you to your destination; The Land of Faery. SCREEEETCCH! No, wait a minute... that's like most any Disney movie that's come out for the last 50 years!

Ok, so, you want to go to the Land of Faery? Ok, let's begin again.

You wake up early, make breakfasts, lunches, and get the kids off to school. You shower and dress and grab a quick bite before heading out to work yourself. You receive a text from your spouse; he/she won't be coming home tonight. Hmm, curious. You can't find your keys and you are going to be late. Somehow, someway, you manage to drag through your day. You are barely holding it together. Dinner, put the kids to bed... ah, that glass of wine... You are certain your marriage has ended. You are emotionally bankrupt. Nothing left, but a void where your heart used to be.

You find yourself wandering down memory lane. Childhood, so simple, so free, so... then a memory hits you, you remember being so very small, playing in the dirt in your grandmother's garden. There was a peace there. You laughed, you sang, you were happy... really happy. Thinking becomes clearer, and then you remember, you were not alone, tiny laughing sounds become clearer. And familiar, yet peculiar, lights and movement come to mind. You remember your grandmother saying they were the "wee folk". In that moment it all becomes so clear to you. They were no imaginary childhood friends. They were as real as the sun rises or sets, or even your troubles. The tears fall, you find yourself in the in-between state of waking and sleeping. It begins.

The tiny glass-like laughing sounds return. The joy and exuberance of childhood is once again upon you. And lights, just out of the corner of your eye, they are back. Then you realize they are not of this world. You fall into the deepest sleep you can remember, and awake refreshed, healed even. As you face your life, you know you can conquer any challenge that dares to rear its ugly head. You've been touched by the fae.

The preceding story is a fictional account that is a representation of the way many experience encounters with the fae. It's that place of real, yet not real, the in-between times and places that we find ourselves surrounded by their light and love.

The fae are in no way servants to man, in no way pets or playthings. Make no mistake, they will express their disapproval at the first sign of any attempt to manipulate or coerce them into a role in which you've tried to insert them.

They are healers, teachers, caretakers, and at times nurturers. Like us, they have within them the propensity for light and dark. They love laughter and merriment, and cannot understand our fascination with mundane possessions. They have a dislike for arguing and strife, and are naturally drawn to peaceful individuals. They are defenders and protectors of the earth and all things innocent, for it is those of a pure heart with which they choose to communicate.

They are intelligent and cunning. Never attempt to outwit them. You will fail miserably and you will be shown for the fool you are. Never bargain with the fae; they are adept, and again you will get what you deserve.

Above all, strive to be honest in your dealings, true to your word, care for the planet, kill nothing unless it is needed for sustenance, and be humble of spirit and pure of heart.

You are in their world, you are an uninvited guest. Use your manners.

You may make it out far better or far worse than when you entered The Land of the Fae.

Copyright Lady Earthsong & Everything Under the Moon

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