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Right Versus Wrong

As you begin to tune into the world of energy, there are times when you may experience what appear to be false alarms. For example you may have a worrisome feeling and yet it turns out that everything is just fine. Does that mean that your intuition isn't reliable.

Not necessarily. When it comes to intuition, being "right" shouldn't be your absolute goal. Especially when you just beginning to become more sensitive to energy. Accurately picking up on energy is a refined skill that develops with lots of practice and lots of errors if you are to become good at it. And besides, if you pick up troubling vibes, you may tuning into a precarious moment where real danger or imbalance does exist, but the situation may right itself somehow before it becomes evolves into a real problem. After all energy is not fixed, but always in a state of motion.

A client of mine told me about her experience with her daughter. Janice, the very intuitive and aware mother of a 17-year-old daughter named Lisa, offered to chaperone Lisa and her girlfriends on a spring break trip to Cancun. Wanting to give her daughter "space" while still being present, Janice stayed in a separate room during the five days they would be there. One morning, Lisa told her mother that she and her friends were going to the beach, and they agreed to meet at 5:00 for dinner. All day long Janice had a terrible feeling around her daughter's vibration. She felt that her daughter was not okay. This feeling fluctuated from mild worry to moments of real psychic upset.

"What's going on with Lisa?" she asked herself, certain something was off. Finally she calmed down, surrounded Lisa with white light and gradually the anxiety passed.

Finally 5:00 rolled around and Janice called her daughter's room.

"Lisa's in the shower," said Chris, one of Lisa's roommates. "Hold on, I'll see if she's out."

While she was waiting, Janice could hear the girls talking. and overheard Chris say, "Thank God I stopped Lisa from having sex on the beach today!"

Janice almost dropped the phone. "No wonder I was so upset!" Janice thought. "What was Lisa thinking? What were the girls up to?"

A moment later Lisa picked up the phone. "Hi, Mom!," she said, sounding like her usual cheerful self.

"Lisa," Janice said containing her righteous indignation and alarm. "I need to talk to you! Please come up to my room right now."

Lisa strolled into Janice's room a few minutes later and sat down. Unable to restrain herself any longer, Janice blurted out, "Lisa, I overheard Chris say that she stopped you from having sex on the beach! Now what on earth were you doing?"

Lisa was surprised and puzzled. "I don't know what you're talking about, Mom. We were together the whole time. "Lisa, I had terrible vibes about you all afternoon. There's no point in trying to cover up. I felt you were up to something myself!"

Lisa seemed confused for the moment and then burst out laughing. "I'm sorry, Mom! I just figured it out! Sex On The Beach is the name of the tequila shooters they were selling at the beach bar, and I was thinking of trying one."

Greatly relieved, even Janice had to laugh. Were Janice's vibes off? I don't think so. A 17-year old girl should not be drinking tequila shooters, much less in a foreign country! Did Janice's prayers and visualizations help? Well, Lisa never did have "Sex On The Beach."

Picking up vibrations is not about "right or wrong". It's about tuning into energy in motion, and keeping it balanced.. Our energy is fluid, mobile and alive. It isn't static. It changes with the circumstances. Lisa was temporarily in a position to cause damage to herself, which Janice accurately tuned into. But perhaps it was because of Janice's intuitive feeling and her subsequent prayers that she actually turned the situation around and restored balance. I believe it was.

So don't allow your intellect to get hung up on "being right versus wrong" when it comes to listening to your intuition. Though you may feel and even look foolish at times the benefit you receive in terms of loving guidance and protection is well worth occasionally playing the fool for.

Sonia Choquette has traveled the world for forty years as an intuitive guide, spiritual teacher, speaker, and author.

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