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The Controversy over Psychics' Charges

The issue of psychics charging for their services is a controversial one. Over the years, I've received a few messages through my personal site that complained that psychics and mediums should never charge for their work.

In researching this article, I spent some time in an online chat room that advertised free psychic readings, and I asked for people's opinions on the matter. The topic certainly sparked controversy.

Those who oppose psychics charging for their services argue that a psychic gift is a gift from God, and gifts from God should never be used for profit. This breaks down to two issues when we examine it closely.

The first issue is whether or not psychic ability is a "gift from God," or is different from other gifts and talents, and the second is whether or not one should ever profit from a gift from God.

Perhaps some psychic gifts are "gifts from God," in that they are abilities a person was born with, or received spontaneously. I've known few psychics, however, who haven't taken their innate abilities and worked and studied for years to hone their spiritual faculties. Many have invested in lengthy schooling and training, and lead a lifestyle as disciplined as an Olympic athlete's in terms of meditation, habits and focus in order to maintain clear access to subtle energies and information. I see little difference between the training and education of a doctor or teacher or artist and that of a psychic or medium.

We are all unique, divine creations. We have different strengths and talents. Some have a gift for mathematics, others an affinity for painting, others the height and coordination to play professional basketball. These are all "God-given" gifts. People profit from their God-given gifts all the time. Those who make a living doing that which they are most gifted at are said to have found their "true calling."

Whether or not one is using a "God-given gift," there is always the issue of resources and time. Though that which flows through the artist may be inspired by planes beyond, the artist must spend her precious time in this plane creating the art. Living in the physical means we must meet physical needs of food, shelter, clothing, etc... Though the "gift" may come from "God," we should value the time and energy people put into that which we desire and benefit from.

Everyone has physical, practical needs. People exchange their products or services for the products and services others offer. Money is the medium that allows for an easy transfer of "energy" in such exchanges. Bartering is a great idea too.

I have a client who is a talented artist who barters her art for readings. In cultures that have healers and shamans, the tribe has always taken care of its wise men and women, whether through gifts of food, housing or other goods or support. Our churches support their ministers and priests in many ways, including providing them with salaries. An equal exchange of energy is necessary, and natural law will ensure this one way or another.

There is also the issue that people tend to value something based on what they pay for it. If something is free, people tend to feel it's not worth anything. In such a case, both the reader and the recipient are wasting their time and energy. If I did not charge for my reading work, I would be booked for years in advance with curious clients with frivolous questions, questions that the askers weren't willing to invest anything in exploring. I would not be free to work with people who are genuinely seeking answers to burning issues in their lives.

Even I tend to get upset when I see a "famous" psychic charging hundreds of dollars for his or her work, but I also have to remember that no one is forcing anyone to pursue a reading with that person. We have to take responsibility for our own lives. If we want a Porsche, we don't walk into the dealer-ship and complain that the car is overpriced so we should get the Porsche for half price, or for free.

When I compare the many psychics I know to other professionals, most readers stand out for their generosity and compassion. Many readers go to great lengths to create avenues for those who can't afford a reading to be able to obtain a free one.

Some sites offer story contests with free readings as prizes. If a person is meant to have a reading, the Universe will find a way to make this happen, whether it's through creating the funds for purchasing the service, or through the free contests and avenues that are available.

Often it is the people who can most afford to pay for a reading who balk at it. Others are not doing themselves any favors by setting up a "debtors" balance with the universe, for by expecting more than they give, they only increase the lack in their lives. To take without giving back is to create a debt that must be repaid eventually, one way or another.

Many readers are doing empowering and healing work, bringing through comforting messages from loved ones in spirit and guidance to help people to create what they want in their lives. If they were not compensated for it, most readers would not be able to afford to continue this work. A product or service rendered deserves compensation. I try to give more than I receive in my work, as do many sincere and compassionate readers.

Of course, the Universe ensures that all things balance out in the end.

by Julia Joblinski

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