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Hourly Planetary Correspondences

You may choose to select a favorable hour of the day for your spellwork. (Most witches don't get into this much detail. I personally find it to be a bit overmuch.) But if astrology is important to you, and you want to use the best hour of the day for your spellwork, the info and charts below may be helpful to you.

Sun Hour: success in career and job, presentations, making speeches, climbing the social ladder, dealing with authority figures, working on fitness and health.

Moon Hour: for temporary or transient things, increasing intuition, imagination, household activities.

Mercury Hour: cognitive activities, abstract thinking, alertness, speaking, signing papers, sending important mail, fixing your PC. Basically, anything connected to communication, assuming you're feeling clear-headed. (Mercury can deceive you when you're upset or feeling foggy-headed.)

Venus Hour: social activities, romance, engagement, weddings, makeovers, investments, making up, making peace between others, relaxing.

Mars Hour: physical activity, forwardness, courage, determination. Take caution if you're feeling stressed or emotional, particulary in matters of the heart. Mars can Caution is needed if you are angry or stressed, and especially if a relationship is involved, because Mars can be disagreeable.

Jupiter Hour: Nearly any activity can be done. Be careful if you tend to over-indulge.

Saturn Hour: organizing, boring work, breaking bad habits, responsibilities, meditation.

Hourly Correspondences for witches

Hourly Correspondences for witches

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