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Dream About a Demonic Creature?

Dear Starwitch,

I need help. I had a creepy dream this morning.

In my dream, I was staying with my grandparents, and suddenly I saw a black shadow outside. It was some kind of black creature. It didn't look like a human but somehow still did, so I hid under the table (I don't know why. I just knew it wasn't good if the creature saw me) Then it was like I was in my grandpa's body and I let the creature into the living room. Then I was in my own body again and I made the creature get out. But I stayed outside and it kept shifting -  sometimes it looked like someone from the KKK, except it wore black clothes and had a white face, and then it looked like a big black dog.

And there were two cats in my dream, but they both tried to kill me. One of them was my own cat, the one that is sitting in my window right now. Then someone called me cause they wanted me to get rid of some demon that was sitting on the roof of the house, but I said that I only knew the spell for getting big demons out (I knew that I was a witch in my dream) and then I went into my room and took my phone because I wanted to find some kind of spell to get rid of the damn creatures. Then I said that I missed not being a witch because my life was so much easier then.

What should I do, and what does the dream mean?? I have the feeling that I should find some spells about banishing demons and weird black creatures that wont leave me alone, and of course possessed cats, but then if I think about the dream it's like it tells me not to go through with becoming a witch. But I don't want to stop being a witch....

Please help me.
Dear Friend,

This isn't going to be the witchy/occult answer you want to hear, but it will help you more than any occult answer ever will.

Your dreams at night are based on the memories you created recently, whether those memories came from your own thoughts and fears, or talking to other people, or watching something on TV, or listening to music, or even going to church and hearing your preacher talk about Satan. Any of those things (plus many others) can easily cause your mind to create a dream like the one you had.

Your brain is like a computer. It stores everything that you do, think, see, say, feel, read, write, etc. Then when you fall asleep, your brain goes through each recent memory. It plays that memory to see what it's about - that's when you have a dream about it - and then your brain files that memory either in your long-term memory bank or your easy-access memory bank, or the recycle bin (meaning it gets deleted).
Here's an example of how it works:

Your brain plays a memory of staying the night with your grandparents, causing you to dream that you're spending the night there, then it moves on to your memory of so-called "shadow people" (which you might have heard about on a witchcraft site or from a witch friend or wherever). Your brain has to sort that memory, so it looks at similar evil memories to see if there is a match or if the shadow person is new to the memory bank. It goes through your memories of other threatening things, things that bring up a similar emotion for you - the KKK, a big black dog, demons - and decides whether to file it there or not. Every time your brain pulls up a new or old memory, your dream changes and plays that memory. This is how dreams keep morphing in weird ways that don't usually make a lot of sense.

The point is this... Whatever you put into your brain is what you will dream about. Usually, if you try hard enough, you can figure out where the major themes in your dreams originated from - whether it was a conversation you had, or a show you watched, a book you read, or just something you were thinking about. Sometimes it's hard to remember, possibly because that memory got tossed into the trash and all that's left of it is your memory of the dream. Or it may have been filed in the "hidden" folder with memories of traumatic events.

Dreams make so much more sense when you understand what your brain is doing while you sleep.

I learned most of this information from the PBS show NOVA: What are Dreams? They have some amazing new scientific research into dreams.

Now, if your "dreams" are actually something more along the lines of astral projection, sleep paralysis, and hypnagogic hallucinations (shadow people, old hags, weight on your chest, etc.), you can check out the Astral Projection pages here. That's a whole nother world of dreaming.


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