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Can I Be a Christian and a Witch?

Gothic Dragon by Anne Stokes

Hi Starwitch

I found your site by accident, and I have to say I love it. I would be interested in becoming a witch, but I'm a male, so can I? And I was looking at some of the spells... Do you know if any of them work for certain? Also, about becoming a witch, I'm a Roman Catholic. So to become one, do I have to change my beliefs? Please write back and keep up the good work.

Hi Ryan,

Yes, you can become a witch, even if you're male.

The more experience you have with witchcraft and spellwork, the more likely that spells will work for you. It takes practice, like any skill.

If you want to read others' and my own opinions about Christian Witchcraft (and there is such a thing) you can read the Christian Witchcraft forum on my message board. Read the first thread called How can someone be a Christian Witch?

I hope you find the answers that you need. Just keep your mind open and keep reading and learning about different spiritual paths until you find what appeals to you most. You can take the parts of Catholicism that you like and add in the parts of Wicca that you like and make your own religion. You don't have to follow the path that everyone else follows. Blaze your own trail. That's what most witches do. Many of them still believe in and worship Jesus Christ, but they practice the craft as well.

Best of luck to you in your search.

Bright Blessings,
Thank you Starwitch this has helped a lot. I am now looking at it this way... All the nonsense about gay marriage and children being born outside of marriage is the church's view not Jesus' view. I mean Jesus said "All suffering children come to me." (something like that)

I now understand how one can worship Jesus and God and practice the craft. And you're right, do we not picture God as energy? Unless one has watched too much of The Simpsons and picture him as some really tall guy. It's a shame you're not in Ireland, as I would love to meet you if I ever got the chance. Anyway, thanks again it helped a lot.

Blessed be,

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