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Hearing Evil Voices and Music While Falling Asleep

Dear Starwitch, I'm very confused about what's happening to me. I seem to always feel that "I've been there, done that," and its annoying because I know I haven't. At times, no matter where I'll be, I'll smell a certain scent of tobacco. I seem to be the only one who is able to smell it.

While trying to fall asleep, I would tear from one eye for no reason at all. Falling asleep, I'll hear voices, radio conversations, nice songs, or nice rhythms in my head that I've never heard before. I'd love for them to keep on going, but it seems that when I start to really get into it, it suddenly stops! Very few times while trying to fall asleep, I've heard what seems to me like evil, deep, disturbing voices, which I could never seem to understand, due to the fact that every time it talks or repeats itself it has a very strong vibration along with it that always wakes me up. On the other hand, other times while I'm asleep I'll have a whole lot of good and bad dreams, and they'll come to life in a matter of weeks or months! Sometimes I have confusing dreams of random things and figured out that if they are put together in certain ways they make more sense and would occur too. To add to the list, I feel like I'm waiting for something very important in my life, but I don't know what. I considered everything possible. Please help me out. I'm really confused about all these things. Your help would be appreciated.

Dear Sam, You aren't alone. These things are pretty common, especially with right-brained, intuitive people. I experience weird sleep phenomena quite a lot myself, and it's one of the main things that led me into discovering spirituality. The vibrations are a precursor to having an out-of-body experience (OBE). If you want to know more, read about OBEs. There are a lot of great books and websites to discover. The most exciting reading of my life was when I first started learning about OBEs. It's awesome to read about it and try for yourself.

The voices you hear are common too. Pretty much everything you mentioned are common occurrences that people have while falling asleep. Please read the comments (not just the article) on this article about the hypnic jerk. Plenty of the commenters have similar experiences as yours. Evil voices happen to people a lot. Many people report hearing someone call their name.

There are explanations for these things. Some people believe in a spiritual explanation and some believe a more scientific/medical explanation. I can't tell you what causes these things, but I know they won't hurt you and that other people are experiencing them too, so there's no need to be afraid. If you learn about OBEs, you'll find out a lot of very interesting things that I'm sure you'll be able to relate to. I bet you've experienced the floating sensation before too. I get that a lot myself.

Good luck to you. You can write me back if you need more help. But please read some about it on your own too. It will help you a lot. You're a good writer so I am guessing that you're a good reader too. That's great because you'll be reading for a long time after you realize the awesome astral projection/OBE books that exist. Some good authors are Robert Monroe, Robert Peterson, Robert Bruce.  Bright Blessings,

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