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A Psychic Said I'm Cursed

Hello. I am from Belgium and I have family in Morocco, so on vacation I visit my family's country a lot. I found out that someone in Morocco bewitched me and my family's home many years ago, but we didn't know this until we visited some wizard in Morocco. He says that I'm cursed with spells of hate. That means that everyone in my house hates each other, and there is always fighting. It's a mess. And the wizard says that someone did a 24 knots curse on me. He said the curse (the rope with the knots) is hidden in Morocco. He knows where it is, but he doesn't want to tell me where it is or who cursed me. He always asks me for money, but next time he tells me another story, and asks me for money again. So it's not worth it to pay, because he says nothing, then lies. Sometimes he says that I'm possessed, then he says that I'm bewitched, etc.

So my question is, do you know something to break the spell and tell me who cursed me? Can you give me advice as to how to to know if I'm possessed or bewitched?

Thank you.
Note from Starwitch:

Before I go on my psychic-bashing spree below, I want to tell you that I'm having second thoughts about psychics right now. I realized that if I called a psychic, and she told me what I wanted to hear, that knowing that would make me look forward to it. And if mind power is real, and I guess I still believe it works, then just expecting something to happen could make it happen. So then maybe going to a psychic is like prayer or spells to some people. They use it to plan their future. But sadly, there are many people who are completely dependent upon psychics for their day to day decisions. There are actual support groups for psychic addictions. And the psychics/gypsies who tell you that there's a curse on you are total con artists. My mind hasn't changed at all on that.

Dear Friend,

I'm so glad that you wrote to me and asked me about your situation. There's something very important I need to tell you. The psychic that you spoke with is a con artist. He's flat-out lying to you. This is the oldest psychic trick in the world. Many psychics scam people out of their money by telling them they've been cursed. I even wrote a page about this trick on my website so people wouldn't be scammed by these con artists.

You can watch a short news clip about psychic scams on the page:

Psychic Scam Page with Video

Please also read this page from the "Crimes of Persuasion" website:

Crimes of Persuasion - Psychic and Fortune Teller Scams

The above page has many personal stories from people who have been the victim of so-called "psychic" con artists. It's a great page to read to get an idea of what signs to look for. (Pretty much the sign in front of their store that says "psychic" should be your warning to turn and run the opposite direction.)

I used to believe that some psychics were real, but I've never spoken to one who was accurate about me or my future. If anyone wants to prove that they can truly do psychic readings, please feel free to contact me. If you can prove it to my satisfaction, I'll promote you on my website so my visitors have someone legit to go to. I really do want to believe. I believe that psychic power exists because I've experienced it myself and I've known others who had it. I just don't think "psychic readers" are true psychics. I think they are mostly cold readers. We believe it's true because we want so badly to believe that we can have control over our lives somehow. That they can show us what's coming next or force something to happen the way you want it too. But life doesn't really work that way.

It's important to understand that even when a psychic says something that's true for you (such as that you have hatred and fighting in your family) those are the kinds of things that apply to almost everyone in the world. How many people do you know who don't have fighting in their family? And if he's already lied to you once, then you know he could be lying about everything, and he almost certainly is. Please don't ever go to a psychic again. They really can't tell you anything that's going to fix things.

For an example of a typical psychic reading script, (most of them use scripts when they are "reading" you), please look at this reading that a psychic gave me for free through email. Maybe that's why it's called a "Psychic Reading"... because it's a "psychic" who is "reading" a piece of paper to you. She sent this extremely long email only minutes after I requested the free reading. Obviously, she couldn't have written anything this long in that short amount of time. You can read the entire story on the page that has the video Psychic Scam page with Video.

I want to reassure you that there is NOT a curse on your family or your home. The scam that your psychic is using is a very common trick that a large number of psychics use.

I realize some areas of the world have a deeper belief in magic than we do here in the states. They tend to view the world in magical terms, with evil spirits playing an important role in their lives. They feel the need to ward off evil more than Americans do. Most Americans are less superstitious and we tend to be more cynical.

I personally believe that psychics are a total waste of money. I warn people against using them. I've been to four psychics. One of the "psychics" I went to had been highly recommended by the author of an inspiring book I had been reading. The author didn't mention the psychics name, only that the reading she gave him was so accurate and that it changed his life and matched him up with his soulmate. So I actually emailed the author and asked him who the psychic was. He gave me her contact information and I purchased an expensive reading from her over the phone.

I recorded the entire reading on a voice recorder and later transcribed it (if you want to read it, you can). None of what she said came true. It was all lies. When I read over her script I can see that I was telling her everything she needed to know in order to "read" me. (I was "leading" her, as they say.) It was pretty simple to see. Most people can't comprehend how easy it is for a clever person to pretend that they are psychic and that they know something about you. I could pretend that I'm psychic right now and you want to believe in psychics so badly that you would easily believe me. I could charge you hundreds of dollars and tell you nothing of any value. That's exactly what all the psychics do.

Want to know how fake they are? Just apply for a job as a psychic reader at one of the psychic websites and then they'll send you the script to use and they'll teach you how to pretend like you're giving readings to people.

Don't be fooled. Keep your money. If you insist on paying someone else to tell you how to run your life, get a therapist. At least they went to college.

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