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Help Me Get My Children Back!

Dear Starwitch,

Hi my name is Tawna and I found you through your website. I have a problem and I was wondering if you can help or give me advise. About two months ago my children were taken by social services on a false charge. My children are 21 months and 3 years old, and my step-kids are 9 and 11.

We have been to court and they won't even let us have visitation. I feel like my heart has been ripped out! I am currently pregnant and due with my son in three weeks and I am afraid they will take him too. Every time we turn around there is something else wrong and we are supposed to be taking all these classes (parenting, family counseling etc.) but social services is taking forever to get us started. I have even tried to get into this stuff myself and it all is being held back because I have a new (slower) social worker. We also have a really hard judge. I don't know what to do, I need my babies. I sit here crying so hard talking to you I have to take breaks in my typing. Do you have advise or anything? I would seriously do anything to get my children back soon!!!

Thank You
Hi Tawna,

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. It must be heartbreaking to lose your children.

You don't have time to learn witchcraft. You need to go ahead and watch the movie "The Secret" and use the techniques that they teach to create the reality that you desire. Something you can do right away is to stop thinking about what you don't want to happen. Your thoughts create your reality. Thoughts are things. They leave your mind, go out into the world, and act as a magnet that draws to you the things and people that you think about most. Putting emotion into a thought is what makes it manifest much faster. Only allow yourself to think and speak about things that you do want to happen. Start saying affirmations every day like: "My children live with me and are happy and healthy." Or a simple affirmation that covers everything is, "Every day in every way my life is getting better and better."

This crisis in your life is the Spirit's way of giving you an opportunity to change the way you've been doing things. You will need to do some deep soul searching and really examine your motives. Many times people delude themselves into believing that they are doing what's right for their children when really they are acting out of self-interest. For instance, my cousin's daughter wants to live with her father because her mother is an alcoholic. I'm sure her mom is in denial about her problem, but she surely must see that drinking every day and having a short fuse can't be very good for a kid to have to live with. But when the girl asked her mom if she could live with her father, the mom said no. Of course, there are lots of (selfish) reasons that she wouldn't want her daughter to leave...

1. She would lose child support.
2. She would look like a bad mother in front of everyone she knows.
3. She would have to admit that she isn't perfect.
4. Everyone would find out that she's an alcoholic.

So these are all painful things to face obviously. Of course, if she examined the situation objectively, she would see that the relationship between her and her daughter isn't going well and she'd make an effort to change things now, before her daughter leaves her. But so far, she's been too self-centered to be able to see that.

What I'm suggesting to you is that you really try to see things objectively. Instead of simply panicking and getting emotional, really look at your situation and the relationship with your children and see what you can do to make things better for everyone, you included. It doesn't help the kids if you do everything that social services asks of you, but you have an attitude about it as though you don't really need this and there is nothing for you to learn. Think of everything that happens in your life as a learning experience for your soul. Because that's what it is. We're here on Earth to help our souls grow and learn lessons. Having your children removed from you is a tough lesson. What do you think you can learn from it? I can see a few things...

- To treat everyone with kindness and respect (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you). That includes children. Don't boss them around for your own purposes just because they can't say no to you since they are little. Little kids aren't put on this Earth to be our personal servants. At the same time, you don't want to cater to them and give them everything. There must be moderation in all things. No extremes.

- You'll learn to appreciate the relationships with your children more deeply, because you know that it may not always be there if you allow yourself to get sidetracked from what is most important.

- Don't think of yourself as a victim. If your husband isn't kind to you, if he doesn't treat you with respect, that means that you don't feel you are worthy of respect. You will only allow another person to treat you as badly as you treat yourself. If you are being treated unkindly by him, then you will spend all your time and energy obsessing about him. This takes energy away from your kids and that's when things will start to fall apart with them. Of course, other things can create the same kinds of problems. Being on pills, pot, alcohol, "real" drugs (crank, meth, crack, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy), gambling, Internet use, TV watching... the list could really go on and on. There are so many different things that could take your energy away from what is important... Love. You must find a way to stay focused on Love. Love and knowledge are the only things we take with us when we leave this world. Nothing else is important.

Make a list of all the things you are grateful for and post it where you can see it and read over it every single day. This will draw to you the things that are on the list. So make sure that you write only things that you want to experience. Spend some time each day reading over the list. Imagine that your kids are home with you and that they are playing and happy. Imagine yourself being happy too. If your husband is dragging you all you down, imagine that you are free of him and that you have learned to be happy without a man. Cast this spell if you want your lover to leave you.

Bright Blessings,

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