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Psychic/Gypsy/Spellcaster Scams

I hope everyone will please read this so you will understand that many psychics and spell-casters are con artists. They don't care about you or your problems. Everything they tell you is a lie. Even when they seem to be "reading" you correctly, they are actually just reading from a script that was written so that it could apply to most anyone, and most especially to the kind of people who would pay for a psychic (which, if you weren't aware, is a specific type of person). I have an example of a psychic reading script right here, so you can see for yourself.

A psychic wrote to me because she wanted to exchange links with my website.
Hi Starwitch :) My name is Loretta. It's nice to meet you lol. How are you? I hope you're good =) Your website is really lovely. You must be SO proud. I wanted to request a link placement on your website for my website. My website details are below. If you would like me to place a link for your website on my website first just let me know with your website details and I will do that ASAP. Reply soon. Thank you.
Hi Loretta,

Thanks for the link exchange request. I normally do not exchange with spell casting sites since they are almost always scams. I see that you're offering free readings through email. May I have one? I've paid (way too much) for psychic readings a few times in my life and they were never accurate. I guess I'm wondering if yours are accurate. If is it, I would be glad to exchange links with you and even recommend you to others through my site, but I have never had a reading that was more than just guessing and cold reading so I would be highly impressed if you were the real deal. What would really impress me is if you could actually tell me something that's NOT on my website.

Bright Blessings,
yes I understand what you're saying...truly there are bad seeds in every profession. i will work on your reading tonight and will have it with you some time tomorrow.
Less than six hours later, she sent me a "psychic reading" that was SO long that it would have taken an extreme amount of time and effort for her to actually write something that in-depth. You can read her psychic reading script here. Luckily for her, she doesn't have to write the readings. They are all written for her by a computer and all she has to do is copy and paste them into the email and click "send." She didn't even bother to write "Dear Starwitch" at the top of the email. She just sent it straight off the computer.

Of course, I'm not naive. I recognized it for what it was (bullshit). And so I wrote her this lovely letter in return...
Dear Psychic Loretta,

Wow! That is a very long and in-depth reading! It must have taken you days to write all that! It's truly amazing how it all described me just perfectly! I'm so impressed! I was so excited at your accuracy that I read the reading to my mom. You'll never guess what happened (okay, I guess you probably will guess it since you're a psychic...) The reading described my mom perfectly too! Then I read it to my husband, who also thought you had an amazing knack at describing him. He thought I had ordered the reading just for him! You are just too good at this. It's like you predicted ahead of time that I'd want to share it with my mom and my husband, so you intuitively did a reading that describes all of us!

Thanks for the script. Now I can start offering my very own psychic readings!

Now that I'm a psychic, I am going to use my psychic powers to do a reading for YOU!! Please let me know how accurate I am.

Dear Loretta Jany Wilson,

My Psychic Analysis....

I feel that you're a very unhappy person who preys on other people's vulnerabilities and insecurities. I also feel that you've been the victim of abuse. The abuse has hardened your heart. You don't allow yourself to empathize with the pain of other people because you're afraid that your own pain will start to bubble up to the surface and will overwhelm you and ultimately destroy you.

Occasionally, you feel a twinge of guilt for taking advantage of people and stealing their money and giving them nothing but more pain in return. But then you focus your thoughts back on yourself and decide that you really wouldn't do this if you didn't truly "need" the money to support yourself and your family, so you push your feelings of guilt aside and continue offering "psychic readings" and "spell casting services". You tell yourself that if you don't take the money from these poor suckers, that someone else will, so you might as well do it yourself.

My Prediction....

I predict that you will get a call from a woman who wants to get her lost love back. You will tell her that you can cast a powerful spell for her, but it will cost her [insert outrageous amount of money here]. Since she's sad, lonely, desperate, and very, very needy, she agrees to your scam. You take her money and you tell her that you'll give her an update every day while the spell is in progress. And then, of course, you do absolutely nothing for her. You don't even bother to say a simple prayer for her.

After you give your victim some time to start feeling happy and relieved and to start believing that you're going to get her lover back for her (less than a day), you call her again and tell her that you had to use some very expensive candles for this powerful love spell you cast on her behalf, so she will need to pay you an extra $2000. Of course, your victim protests, insisting that she doesn't have the money. But you take a chance and tell her that your spirit guide is telling you that she does have the money. Because this lady has the mental acuity of an eight year old, she is astounded at your accuracy! She eventually gives in and sends you the extra money. Again, you do absolutely NOTHING for this lady. You don't even as much as send her positive energy (not that you would have any to send anyway) and then you stop answering her calls and stop responding to her emails. Scam complete!

An extra prediction just for you! ....

I predict that I am going to start my own "Psychic Scam" section on my website and encourage people to give reviews of the psychics who have scammed them. This way, I can protect my visitors from making the same mistake that others have made.

One more prediction....

I predict that England is about to pass a law that prevents so-called "psychics" and "spell casters" from taking advantage of people who don't know any better.

Bright Blessings,