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Lots of Questions

Hello Starwitch,

I was browsing the internet recently, when I came across a website that had many stories written by people who left the Christian religion, and explained their reasons why. I believe that you were one of the people that had posted your message along with a link to this site. Once I got here, I took a look around to see what this Witchcraft thing was about, since most of the time its depicted as evil and Satan related. After checking out your e-mail section (the stupid ones) and looking at the type of spells available, I came up with a few questions that maybe you can help answer.

I know from looking through your site that you always tell people who want to know more about Witchcraft to just read up on it online or whatnot, but I know that there is a lot of unreliable or misleading information all over the internet, so I thought it we be better to just go right to the source, and since I have questions about Witchcraft then why not ask a Witch?

My first question: Is it true that using black magic can cause your house to become haunted? I read somewhere that people would use it and then weird things started to happen within their house (beds start to shake for no reason, pots would fall from stove, cabinet doors would open etc.)

Second question: How do you REALLY know if the spells or card readings you do work or are real? Would you be able to tell if the spirit that is giving you information through the cards is not a bad spirit or "demon" as some people say.

Next question: Since you don't believe in religion, do you believe in God and if so why? Also, do you believe in an afterlife and Heaven and Hell and if so why?

I had some other questions that I can't really remember as of now but I think these should be enough to keep you occupied. =D

I would just like to say thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Merry Meet Lenny!

Thanks for visiting my site and signing the guestbook. I always appreciate receiving comments from visitors who enjoyed the site.

Your questions are valid ones. Let me start by saying that I no longer practice witchcraft, so you're going to get a biased answer from me regarding questions on witchcraft. But I've been studying spirituality of all types for many years now and I feel that I've learned a lot about spirits and the like.

Your first question was about whether doing black magick can cause your house to be haunted.

I would say that any time you're summoning spirits as part of the magic you're doing (not all spells involve summoning spirits, by the way), you run the risk of opening your home up to wayward and confused spirits. The kinds of spirits that hang around waiting to help black magick practitioners aren't the kind of people that you'd normally want to spend your time with. They're likely mean-spirited and immature souls. Of course, anyone who's casting harmful spells against another is spiritually immature to begin with, so it would stand to reason that they might enjoy the company of other spiritually immature souls. But yes, you can attract spirits to your home and they may not want to leave after the spell is done. As far as all the crazy things like pots falling, that sounds like fiction to me, but I suppose anything is possible.

When people believe that their bed is shaking, that is actually the start of an out-of-body experience. When you go into the vibrational state, it often feels like someone is physically shaking your bed. I experienced that at a young age. It scared me a lot. But it's a natural, spiritual phenomenon that can happen independently of spirit activity, although when it happened to me it was because what I thought was a ghost had walked over to my bed and, in my mind, was shaking the bed. I think what happened was that my own spiritual vibration sped up as the spirit came closer to me. I perceived it as being shaken by the ghost. The ghost may have even been my own spirit returning to my body. It's still a mystery to me.

Your second question was: "How do you REALLY know if the spells or card readings you do work or are real? Would you be able to tell if the spirit that is giving you information through the cards is not a bad spirit or "demon" as some people say."

I don't know if they work, and that's why I stopped practicing witchcraft. It didn't seem to be any more effective than prayer as far as I was concerned. After much learning and searching, what I ended up ultimately believing in was the power of intention. I believe that both spells and prayer work by use of your intention. There is a lot of information available about that on the web if you look up terms like "power of intention" or "mind power".

I personally believe that when you use divination techniques such as tarot cards, you're accessing your intuition or higher self. So I don't think you run the risk of getting information from a bad spirit unless you specifically summon those spirits to you and ask for their help. Using tarot cards alone will not automatically summon spirits. The Bible warns you against using such practices for obvious reasons - they don't want a lot of immature witches running around casting spells and wreaking havoc on others. Plus, if you were able to get answers from your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, why would you need the church to tell you what to do? You wouldn't. ;)

Your third question was: "Since you don't believe in religion, do you believe in God and if so, why? Also, do you believe in an afterlife and Heaven and Hell and if so why?"

I do believe in God, but the God I believe in is much more vast and all-encompassing than the Judeo-Christian God (in my view). When you look at the science of the Universe and how the Earth just happens to be the perfect place for us to live, it just seems awfully convenient that we are here on this planet and that we are conscious beings. I can't believe it all happened by accident. If it were just the animals and plants living here, I could believe it was all a result of evolution, but when you throw human beings and self-consciousness into the mix things get more complicated.

I believe that the Earth is a training ground or a school for souls. We are sent here to learn lessons that can only be learned by being in a physical world. Whatever we think about manifests instantly in the spirit world (that's why they call it "Heaven" since you can have whatever you want there. That's why it can also be a hell. It all depends on what you think about.) Here in the physical world, our thoughts also manifest, but it happens much more slowly (though I have seen it happen very quickly too at times.) We are being given the chance to learn that our thoughts create our reality.

Once of the quotes that I keep on my vision board is:

When pressed to boil down into a simple statement the many reasons we may have for choosing to participate in physical life, Bob Monroe has said, "To learn, in a slow-motion format, that thought equals action."

Once you find yourself getting robbed or abused over and over and over in your lifetime, you will eventually realize that you need to change your thought patterns because you're attracting those negative experiences to yourself. I used to attract very abusive, negative people into my life. I was also drug-addicted and living in poverty. It took me many years but I finally recognized that certain aspects of my personality and lifestyle were attracting very negative people into my life. So I started thinking in a more positive way and today I am a happy, well-adjusted, and financially-free woman who doesn't attract abusers anymore. Admittedly, it's going to be much harder for some people to create a better life than for others. Had my first boyfriend not gone to prison for murder it may not have been so easy for me to break free of him. I can definitely understand how some people remain trapped in abusive relationships and feel helpless to leave. There is actually a name for the process of sympathizing with your abuser. It's called Trauma Bonding. Click the link to read an article about it.

I do believe in hell, although it's not the same as the Christian hell. I experienced what hell was like one day while I was taking psychedelic mushrooms. I realized then that hell was very real. It's not a place of fire (unless that is where you expect to find yourself, which in that case, it will be very fiery indeed!). Hell is a place inside of you. It's a state of mind that you create through your thought patterns and emotions. If you always think negative thoughts or dwell on how you were hurt by others in your past, you're basically already in hell. If you are still in this state of mind (fearful, depressed, angry, resentful, shameful, guilt-stricken, obsessed, etc.) when you die, you aren't automatically "saved" from this state of mind that you're in. There are spirit guides who can try to help you but, in many cases, the tortured soul isn't able to detect that their spirit guide is there trying to help. Your spirit guide has been with you all throughout this lifetime, trying to get your attention and offer their help. You probably haven't seen or heard them so what makes you think you'll see them in the afterlife?

If you're stuck in your own negative thoughts (stuck in "hell") you will eventually (with luck) be reincarnated back to the Earth where you can try once again to find your way out of the hell that you're in. Maybe this time you will find yourself in heaven when you die. I don't think that whether you go to hell or heaven depends on something as simple as whether you accept Jesus as your savior. That's just too easy. I've seen how complex life is. What makes us think that the afterlife is going to be any simpler? Anyone can believe in Jesus and call him their savior. To advance spiritually you actually have to work at it. You have to work at learning to love other people and learn to be giving and charitable. You have to learn to be like Jesus, not just believe in Jesus.

Jesus never meant for us to deify him. He called himself "The Son of Man" not "The Son of God". The Catholic church needed a deity that everyone could agree to follow and that is why they deified Jesus several hundred years after he lived. I do believe in the spirit of Jesus and I think He can help you if you call on him. I believe that any enlightened being has the ability to do that. There are many yogis in India who are very similar to Jesus. They are enlightened masters who are able to do miracles and healings. It is not unusual in that part of the world. Jesus was an enlightened master, but he was not the only master by any means. There were many before him and many after him and there are currently many masters living on the Earth. It's a very special time to be alive and to be on a spiritual journey!

Please come back and visit again soon!

Bright Blessings,

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