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Non-Wiccan Spell Books?


I hope that you are doing well..... I am writing you simply to ask you if you can suggest some good spell books that are not Wiccan based? I am a frequent visitor on your site and I see that we have a lot in common after viewing the complete site. I didn't know your age before and we are the same age too. I love your site. Please keep up the good work.

Dear Angel, Thanks for visiting my site. I'm glad you liked it. I have a few books that aren't Wiccan-based. I'm sure there are lots more of them too if you look around for them at Amazon. Here are some that I have. The links below go to Amazon, where you can read the reviews and purchase the books if you'd like: Folk Magick - Silver Ravenwolf
Love Magick - Marina Medici
Embracing the Moon - Galenorn
Everyday Magic - Morrison
Spells for a Perfect Love Life - Lauren White (tiny)
Spells for Self-Improvement - Lauren White (tiny)
The Little Book of Money Spells - Sophia (tiny) Those are some of the non-Wiccan books that I own. If you are looking for other great books to read, my favorite spiritual type books are Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls (the sequel) by Michael Newton, Ph.D. Those books are a fascinating study of life before and after death. Dr. Newton is a hypnotherapist and he regressed his patients into their past lives and had them relive their death scene and then go into and PAST the "light" that everyone talks about. It's extremely detailed and has all kinds of information about the spirit world. I highly recommend it if you believe in reincarnation and are interested in the after-life and spirit guides and soul mates and things like that. Just be sure you read them in order. Read Journey of Souls first.

Thanks again for visiting my site. Hope you come back again soon!


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