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What Are Karmic Debts?

Dear Starwitch,

Hey... I'm still confused!! What are "KARMIC DEBTS"? Does it mean you have to pay by the time you die? Are there karmic debts for white magic? And can anyone do white magic or only certain types of religions? I know the questions are stupid I just wanted to know! Thanks!

Dear Pat,

"Karmic debts" refer to bad things you have done in your past lives or this life that you now have to make up for. Not everyone believes in karmic debt. I don't believe in karmic debt in a revenge sort of way (like if you do something bad, God/dess will get you back by making bad things happen to you.) I think that you plan your own life before you reincarnate and if you did someone wrong in a past life, then you will probably plan this life so that you can see how it feels to be treated that way by someone. It's a learning experience, not revenge. As for magick, you will regret doing any magick that does not have good intent. Even if nothing bad happens to you in this life, you will regret it in the afterlife and plan your next life so that you can feel what it feels like to be on the receiving end of evil spells. So just keep that in mind.

Anyone can do white magick if you know what you're doing. The Christian religion teaches that you will go to Hell for it, so if you're a Christian, you might want to consider that. I could care less what Christians think because they have so many warped ideas that none of it makes much sense.


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