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About Starwitch Stone

Merry meet and welcome! My name is Starwitch Stone. Thank you for visiting my website and especially for viewing this page because that means you aren't just using me for my spells, haha. I'm kidding. It's fine if you're here for the spells. I'm grateful for all my site visitors. :)

Here's all my social networking links if you'd like to add me on any or all of these sites. I hang out on Facebook and DeviantArt mostly, but I've recently started spending time on the other sites too. I had to create accounts after I found all these adorable icons. Check out the baby Twitter bird hatching from its egg - how cute! :)

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I started Everything Under the Moon in 1998 on a free hosting site and began hosting here on everythingunderthemoon.net in 2000. I can't believe it's been over sixteen years and this site is still going stronger than ever thanks to all of your support. :)

I'm really grateful to be part of the online pagan community. I have the privilege of getting to know so many nice and interesting people. You've been very kind to me and I sincerely thank you for being such a major part of my life. You have no idea how your support has improved my life.

I live in southeast Tennessee. This is where I grew up and lived my whole life. My interest in spirituality runs deep. I experienced paranormal events that affected my personal and spiritual development in a big way. As a child, spirits visited me at night and nearly scared me to death. I didn't know who they were or what they wanted from me (and I still don't know). I started reading books about ghosts and spirituality in my search for answers, which opened me up to the world of New Age spirituality and Wicca.

In my teenage and adult years, I experienced numerous astral projections (OBEs). I've been the recipient of spontaneous healings and I've also been able to heal others a few times, but just people who were very close to me (I'm no Jesus Christ. Please don't ask me to heal you.)

I've experienced altered states of consciousness and even ecstatic states a couple of times. There's really nothing like it. It just happened spontaneously one night (the ecstasy). I'm not entirely sure I didn't have a stroke or something. It felt great, whatever it was. It felt like I had merged with the Spirit of Everything. I'll have to post that story someday before I die.

After following several different paths (Christianity, Paganism, New Age, Shamanism, and even Atheism), I finally dedicated myself to the Goddess, mostly out of my devotion to the Earth. Like most of you, I'm a solitary Wiccan and I've never joined a coven. I allow the Goddess to lead and inspire me. I believe that the Earth and Sun have their own conscious spirit, which is the Spirit that all of our souls were created from and will return to. So the Earth is very important to me, and that includes the plants and animals and even the mountains, rivers, and oceans.

Another major interest of mine is cosmology/astronomy (that's different than astrology.) I love to learn all about the Sun, planets, stars, galaxies, dark matter, dark energy, black holes, etc. I find all of that so fascinating and beautiful. Did you know there's a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way? It could be sucking us all into it right now! Scientists reassure us though that it's not. I was just trying to scare you. ;)

Magick, when he was still a kitten.

This is my cat, Magick. He showed up on my doorstep the night of October 1st, 2009 and just adopted me. I thought it was really sweet (but weird) that a black cat showed up out of nowhere and wanted to move in with me, so I took him in. He's a real sweetie and he's the softest cat I've ever felt. He feels like one of those soft Sugar Gliders. He really is gorgeous.

Lil' Black Magick standing in front of the Hydrangeas.

In 2012, I got my first Yorkshire Terrier. She's the light of my life. I would fill my house with Yorkies if I could. I'm pretty obsessed with them, and if you've been missing me on Facebook, it's because I'm spending most of my time doing Yorkie-related things now. I have a Facebook page called Yorkie Morkie Love, where I post the cutest pics you've ever seen. And I run another page called Yorkies Deserve Tails, because I think it's really cruel that we allow breeders to chop the tails off of Yorkies and other dog breeds. There's also a Facebook group for the same purpose  - Yorkies Deserve Tails.

My Yorkie, Pyper-Jane, hypnotizing me with her eyes.

My Morkie, Butterball, asking "Why? Why am I so dang cute and fluffy?"


Heather and Ron striking a badass pose lol
Ron and I striking our bad-ass pose.

My husband, Ron, and me.
Ron and I acting sweet.

Magick, my now six-year-old black cat. No longer a kitten.

That's all for now! I'll try to keep you updated on any new developments! Bright blessings and Merry Part!


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