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What Reiki Means To Me

Reiki Article
What Reiki Means to Me

If you’ve heard the term Reiki (Ray-Kee), you probably know that the loose definition is the Japanese art of energy healing. To me, Reiki is an effective tool to help achieve peace and harmony, whether it is physical, emotional or both.

As we are in the autumn of 2008, I feel it is appropriate to talk about the beauty of the fall season. It is truly a gift to find the beauty in this world. Sometimes it is difficult to find, but if you look and actually see, you will find the beauty in everything. Look outside your back door and see the wonderful color show of the autumn trees and the sky. See the autumn trees and feel the overwhelming Love of the colors and miracles that make up this world. Look at the wondrous fireworks of the sunset and all of the unimaginable colors bursting with every passing second. See the sunset and feel the fireworks of Love being shown to you. Know that Love is what's important. When you feel that Love in your core, the healing will begin.

Reiki is so much more than just hands-on healing; it is a way of life, it is a way of feeling life, it is a way of Love. To feel this Love throughout your body until you feel you are larger than what you physically are is the most fulfilling sensation to me. Sharing this feeling with others is part of the healing power of Reiki. This wonderful ability is truly a gift from God and it is my privilege to share it. You can learn the rules and symbols of Reiki and their meanings in order to more effectively administer Reiki, but the true gift is sharing the Love.

If you are interested in Reiki, remember that your intensions are what matter most. If your intensions are Love and healing, Love and healing are what manifest.

Go In Love And Peace, And
Love And Peace Will Come To You!
Positive Blessings,
email: reiki-christine@hotmail.com

Christine has studied Mind-Body-Spirit for over 20 years.  Her mission is to help you own your power in order to live the life you desire.


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