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Zodiac Correspondences for Rituals/Spells

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Zodiac Correspondences for Rituals/Spells

Postby Twisted_Pixie » Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:08 pm

If I am writing a spell/ritual for a full or new moon, I take note as to what phase the moon, or both the moon and the sun (in the event of a full moon) is in and base my ritual on that. Unless I have a particular purpose for my ritual, I usually write it based on the astrological sign's qualities.

Aries: Warrior women, taking control of ones life in a powerful manner, the self, excellence in sports.

Taurus: Home life, finances, savings, physical beauty and fertility. Money, possessions, developed ond, physical security.

Gemini: Communication, mind, intellect and learning. Short journeys, purchasing city properties, siblings, social life.

Cancer: Home environment and family relationships. Motherhood and mother issues, nurturing, psychic matters relating to visions and dreams, childhood memories, past, ancestors.

Leo: Social, leadership and children, beauty, love affairs and spells, glamour and illusion, creativity, ones sense of fun and enjoyment in life, the journey of self into the world.

Virgo: Health, work and everyday matters. Womens sexual health and transition of girl into women. Affinity to nature, pets etc.

Libra: Marriage, relationships, harmony. Legal matters and to end disputes, partnerships, intimate and business relationships

Scorpio: Sex, death and magic. Time of the Hag, beneficial time for menopause, occult studies, inheritances, sexual matters.

Saggitarius: Wisdom, philosophy. Foreign travel, the purchase of rural properties. Higher education, in laws, higher mind, religion.

Capricorn: Matters of authority and control. Action. Career and father issues, authority figure, personal ambition, discipline, dedication, career, status in life.

Aquarius: Group work and activities, organisations. Energy raising and healing, your individuality, organisations.

Pisces: Letting go, healing of the sub conscious. Mystical contact, intuition, dream power, spiritual advancement, seeking inner truths.
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