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Wolf dream

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Wolf dream

Postby GregoryLionborn » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:38 pm

Knowing how weirdly creative and bizarre my mind can be, I'm not entirely certain if there's a major meaning behind this, or if it's literally just a passing dream that was kind of neat.

I was at a mountain cabin (house of some sort, anyway. pretty big), and the treeline was THICK and ran all the way to the house in most cases, with only maybe a ten foot gap between the walls and the trees. The driveway was the length of a typical Southern California driveway with a small yard, but then the dirt road leading out from it again was instantly massively thick trees. I'm talking so thick that the light was almost entirely filtered out from under the canopy when you looked in.

The inside of the house was cold, and outside was snowy, but not heavy (although it was getting progressively colder).

I remember thinking that the outside was too cold, and even though I never felt threatened, the good dog owner in me made me ask my brother to join me to keep an eye out so I could let my dog potty literally just outside the door, and then come back in. When I looked out the window on the front door, though, I could see two golden dots in the shadow of the road at the driveway's edge.

Which ended up being a wolf's eyes, and it's head and shoulders were lightly visible, while the rest was in darkness. I kept the dog inside, obviously, and then looked out a nearby window, before returning to the door's window. The wolf wasn't aggressive, but it was certainly watching the door and possibly me. After a short moment, it walked out of the canopy's shadow over the road, and walked halfway to the house. It looked around and sniffed around for a bit as canines do, and then walked to the side of the house a little bit, before departing into the dense surrounding forest.

A large pack followed suit, in a nearly perfect single file pattern. It seemed natural, though. Not like a forced one, but like a well trained pack following the leader's suit. They all approached to about the same point, maybe twice did one dawdle long enough for the next to reach, where they both would sniff and search for a moment, and then follow the path back into the woods.

And that was pretty much it. The number was pretty large for a typical pack, easily passing to around 15 or even pushing towards 20. But again, none of them displayed any sort of aggression or defensive posture/behavior. They all distinctly recognized my presence, and had a clear interest in the house and/or myself, but I never felt a danger or sense of ominous feelings.

It's also worth noting that these wolves were common european wolves, and not the variety in the Americas, which is where I live (Southern California, as previously mentioned for driveway length reference). They were mostly greys, with a couple brown furred wolves, and all of them were pretty hefty, with clearly healthy coats and a comfortable proportion of meat and fat. There wasn't a sense of predation or something like that, and as mentioned before as well, no feeling of danger or being hunted.

At first I just thought it was a REALLY cool dream, but it was so clear and real feeling, coupled with a lingering feeling of connection (faint though it may be), I can't help but feel like there's more to it's meaning. My first and only real thought is that maybe the wolves represent a sort of "family" that I belong with but can't or am not with yet? A place or people that I am not with? I'd also interpret it as by choice, as there was no danger, but there was obvious trepidation of the unknown outside, and my choice to remain inside could be saying that.

Any thoughts?
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