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Witches Book of the Dead, Chris Day

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Witches Book of the Dead, Chris Day

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:09 pm

Written by Christopher Day, who resides in Salem, Ma. USA & owns HEX: old world witchery occult shop & OMEN psychic parlor.

Foreword by Raven Grimassi. Publisher: Weizer Books , 2011; 208 text pages; sensibly sized print; lengthy bibliography supporting research. Pretty good index.


1 A covenant with the dead - compares today's witch with history; differences from Wicca
2 Opening the doorway - pointers & visionary exercise
3 The altar of the dead - how to set it up, using a skull (or replica), blessing, offerings
4 The witches' tools of spirit work - cauldron, cup, pentacle, skull, bronze blade, yew wand
5 Banishing & exorcism - attachments & solutions, rituals for cleansing, house clearing, exorcism
6 Methods of spirit contact - automatic-writing & exercise, pendulum, ouija board, scrying mirror & sphere
7 Spirit mediumship: speaking with the dead - methods of Spiritism, meditation exercise, trance
8 Necromancy: the worlds most forbidden practice - history Greek & Roman
9 Oracular necromancy: divination with the dead - intent, choosing the spirit, rituals, cemetery
10 Necromantic Magic - intent &'ethics, more rituals
11 Dreaming the dead - history & characteristics of dreaming of the dead
12 Ghost hunting: seeking out the dead - tips & ghost tours, gadgets, role of the medium
13 Festival of the Dead - honoring & celebrating, rituals
Appendix A - incense, oil, powder recipies
Appendix B - deities of the dead
Appendix C - resources; suppliers

This is a well researched book giving an over view of modern communication with the spirits of the dead in a witchcraft framework. Magical employment of the dead is a difficult subject to discuss & the author does it well, without sensationalism or undue sentimentalism, yet with respect.

Personally I found the very simple crossroads rite for evoking Hekate's protection & the rite for influencing a dream with the aid of spirits to be compatible with other Craft practices. There's no coercion of spirits & no forcing of the Crafter's will over another. Instead a partnership is established through simple offerings in the same way we'd work with the Fae. A description of various underworld deities & offerings is in the appendices.
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Re: Witches Book of the Dead, Chris Day

Postby corvidus » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:52 am

Looks Interesting, thanks for the review!
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