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Wicca/Witchcraft Shopping List: Ideas & Prompts

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Re: Wicca/Witchcraft ShoppingList- Ideas&Prompts

Postby AnaisStar » Sun Mar 30, 2014 8:42 am

I also dont use a lot of tools. Most of my spells/rituals involve:

- some symbol of deity that Im working with (statue, picture, etc)
- Candles (color corresponding to intent)
- cauldron
- incense (corresponding to intent)
- matches/lighter
- herbs (corresponding to intent)
- runes
- tarot cards
- oracle cards
- salt (multipurpose)
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Re: Wicca/Witchcraft Shopping List: Ideas & Prompts

Postby SpiritTalker » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:36 pm

I've put an asterisk by those items I've found most useful:

Art Supplies - Colored pencils, drawing-pad & stencils for sigils & mandala spells
Athame* - for directing energy & cutting bonds
Balsam Pine incense blocks - all purpose fumigation
Balsam oil - dilute with olive oil for making holy oil
Books* - Ann Moura's Green Magic, Marina Medici's Good Magic, Treading the Mill by Nigel Pearson
Candles* - (& holders) for daily devotional offerings & spells
Cauldron* - for small burning tasks, brewing & spell charging
Dowsing L-rods & pendulum - for divination
Flameless Candles - for shrine's perpetual light
Handi-Wipes - clean-up
Herbs & Spices - common kitchen supplies
Incense of choice - (& holder/burner) or incense-matches for quickies
Jars - repurposed, small baby-food size & canning jars for storage
Mortar & pestle or electric grinder
Notebook* & pen*
Olive oil* - all purpose anointing
Post-it Notes - 3"x3" is a good size for petitions & sigils; come in bold colors
Prayer Beads - for daily meditations, counted chanting spells
Salt* - blessing, purifying, protecting
Singing Bowl* - for clearing "blahs" from living space, make happy noise
Stang - for drawing forth & directing earth energy
Stones* - any kind, to focus meditation
Travel Mug* - portable coffee, can't function without it
Tuning Fork - for cleansing anything with sound
Twine - for cord spells
Wand - for blessings, conjuring & invitations
Whisk Broom - for fanning smoke, wafting Air element, brushing ashes off table
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