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Wicca/Witchcraft Shopping List: Ideas & Prompts

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Re: Wicca/Witchcraft ShoppingList- Ideas&Prompts

Postby AnaisStar » Sun Mar 30, 2014 8:42 am

I also dont use a lot of tools. Most of my spells/rituals involve:

- some symbol of deity that Im working with (statue, picture, etc)
- Candles (color corresponding to intent)
- cauldron
- incense (corresponding to intent)
- matches/lighter
- herbs (corresponding to intent)
- runes
- tarot cards
- oracle cards
- salt (multipurpose)
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Re: Wicca/Witchcraft Shopping List: Ideas & Prompts

Postby SpiritTalker » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:36 pm

I've put an asterisk by those items I've found most useful:

Art Supplies - Colored pencils, drawing-pad & stencils for sigils & mandala spells
Books* - Ann Moura's Green Magic, Marina Medici's Good Magic, Treading the Mill by Nigel Pearson
Candles* - assorted sizes & holders (white is all purpose, colors optional)
Cauldron* - for fire magic, brewing & spell charging
Charcoal discs - for resins & powdered incense, if used (needs sand to absorb heat)
Comfortable Chair or floor cushion
Divination method of choice - cards, runes, pendulum, crystal or water scrying
Dowsing L-rods & pendulum
Incense bowl* & sand to absorb heat, or stick holder ash-catcher
Incense sticks* or cones - as desired
Herbs/Spices - as desired, plus salt*
Moon phase calendar*
Notebook* & pen - for planning
Olive Oil* - for anointing
Oil diffuser & assorted essential oil scents - use in place of incense if smoke is a problem
Post-it Notes* - 3"x3" is a good size for petitions & sigils; come in bold colors
Re-purposed bottles & jars
Sewing Supplies - needle, red thread, scissors, straight pins, felt (used in folk magic)
Standard ritual tools if desired, not required - athame*, candle, cup, pentacle, wand
Stang or staff - if preferred in place of western occult ritual tools (plus a burning bowl)
Stroking Stones - smooth stones for spells or meditation; White Quartz - all purpose
Twine - for cord spells
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