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Why do I keep attracting Virgos?

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Why do I keep attracting Virgos?

Postby sia » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:05 pm


So I'm Pisces sun, Aquarius moon and Cancer rising, and I realised recently that everyone I've had a significant relationship with for the past 7 years has had their sun in Virgo. And I'm talking romantic relationships and friendships. My current and past 2 relationships have been with Virgos, and each relationship lasted for years. My ex best friends were all Virgos, and something they all have in common is that each friendship and relationship ended. Very. Badly.

It can't be a coincidence that I keep attracting the same sign into my life, but I have zero idea why and I was hoping someone could help me shed some light on this! Thanks
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Re: Why do I keep attracting Virgos?

Postby corvidus » Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:04 pm

What’s up sia, I’m a Virgo ;)


Virgo and Pisces are directly opposite in the zodiac. Which means they’re meant to challenge each other according to the theory of opposition. Pisces is emotional, carefree but caring, and creative (I’m saying this based on first hand experience with them), whereas Virgo is analytical, critical and scientific.

The point of this opposition is for growth and understanding. My best friend has a Pisces Moon, my favorite ex girlfriend is Pisces in the Sun. They have taught me quite a lot about life :)
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Re: Why do I keep attracting Virgos?

Postby blue_moon » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:54 am

-- i would have to look it up exactly (haven't worked with zodiacs in years) but....

My sister is Virgo. She is very emotional. Thats where i would have drawn the bridge.

Pisces and virgo share the emotion in my opinion and are opposites.

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Re: Why do I keep attracting Virgos?

Postby casnarl » Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:49 am

I notice I tend to attract the same couple of signs too. I don't know off the top of my head if I know any other virgos besides my brother though.

I tend to attract a lot of Gemini and Leo, neither of which I particularly get along with, but I usually find attractive as all hell, and have momentary lapses in judgement about whether personality or looks matter more, and wind up hating them.

As for friends they usually are other Taurus, like my best friend, Cancer, or Capricorn, all of which I get along with quite well.

I am not as into astrology as I used to be in my early teens but I do find it interesting how much one's sign can affect aspects of their lives, relationships, etc.
My most recent ex was an Aries, which I thought was air 'cause it sounds like it, but then I saw it was actually fire and had this epiphany moment. I pictured like scorched earth, wildfires, etc like as I the Earth and he the Fire he had really burned me good and that was why we never quite meshed in the two years there was always a struggle and he always won out in the end after I'd been burnt to a crisp.
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Re: Why do I keep attracting Virgos?

Postby EveningWithAstaroth » Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:14 pm


Yes I've too been through something similar, attracting certain signs over and over.

I am a Capricorn and for a while would have a lot of Gemini friends come into my life.

While fun, bright, and witty, these young ladies were younger than I and usually caused me a lot of trouble, and I do mean trouble. My best Gemini friend- the one I felt closest to at the time, was constantly dragging me to meet guys online. :annoyed:

These experiences were either very close calls a couple times, or pretty annoying for myself, as I had zero interest in any of these guys, and had zero interest meeting guys online. I find it the very very last thing I would do. If I had no other option, I'd rather not date. The only reason I went with her was in fact to protect her, being the rational one.

What I've learned from Gemini's is essentially, a great and valuable couple of lessons. 1. I should be able to let loose now and then and have fun, and not worry so much. 2. I will not meet men online, I find it an incredibly numb thing to do. And 3. I need to constantly consider whom I keep as friends, while friendships can be fun, I do not need to associate with people on a whole different mental and emotional level from me, meaning immature friends aren't fun for the most part. And now that I am 35 I find many 35 year olds aren't much differently emotionally from these 15 to 16 year old friends I used to have. These days and what I have taken away from my pattern of Geminis, is to choose my friends wisely, and not to tolerate disrespect.

The most recent pattern for me was Sagittarian friends. Male and female. I got along with most of the males just fine, the females less so. One stabbed me in the back over a crush I had, while she was dating and with my brother. The other two I really do like, but do not see often since moving. Although I like them they are a little gossipy, but I love them still, it is a small fault in comparison to listen to the girls gab a bit- quite a bit, to utter betrayal.

What I have taken away from the experience with the Sagittarius pattern is- be careful who you trust and put your faith in, and true friendship or kinship from the other two ladies. They make me laugh, and smile, and help me to feel optimistic, when generally being Capricorn, I am not.

I am inclined to feel such sign patterns occur for us as lessons of life, revealed within the signs we keep attracting to us. Usually I find when we are attracting a lot of a certain sun sign, there is something we can learn from this sign in particular.

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Re: Why do I keep attracting Virgos?

Postby JACKEwdarry » Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:16 pm

My best friend was Virgo and he certainly was a fan of common sense and planning to be just at the tip of his personality
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